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1. Safety Related Housekeeping

  • 1.1 Are aisle ways clear of obstructions?

  • 1.2 Are there any trip hazards?

  • 1.3 Are floors appropriately clean and dry?

2. Electrical

  • 2.1 Are electrical cords in good condition?

  • 2.2 Are extension cords used properly?

  • 2.3 Are electrical panel doors closed and in good repair?

  • 2.4. Are E-stops available and in good repair?

3. Fire Protection

  • 3.1 Are fire exits clearly marked?

  • 3.2 Are fire exits unobstructed?

  • 3.3 Are fire extinguishers available, marked and inspections up to date?

4. Material Handling and Storage

  • 4.1 Are hand trucks in good working condition and have required pre-shift
    inspections been completed?

  • 4.2 Are combo lifts in good condition?

  • 4.3 Are there ergonomic risks? If so, explain.

5. Hazard Identification

  • 5.1 Are hazardous equipment areas properly labeled?

  • 5.2 Is equipment labeled and is label in good repair?

  • 5.3 Are hazardous materials and containers properly labeled and stored?

6. Machine Guarding

  • 6.1 Are moving parts properly guarded?

  • 6.2 Is proper PPE used (earplugs, cut-resistant gloves)?

  • 6.3 Are eyewash stations available and clean?

7. Hand and Portable Power Tools

  • 7.1 Are the correct tools provided, in good repair and being used?

  • 7.2 Are the tools properly guarded?

  • 7.3 Are the tools stored properly?

8. Ladders

  • 8.1 Are ladders chained and properly stored when not in use?

  • 8.2 Are ladders used properly?

  • 8.3 Are ladders in good condition with no welded repairs?

9. Lockout/Tagout.

  • 9.1. Are machines being locked out if necessary?

  • 9.2. If machines are being locked out, is it correctly? Please list machine and employee involved.

10. Departmental Monitoring

  • 10.1 Have required checklists been completed?

  • 10.2 Have unacceptable conditions been reported to the appropriate personnel?

  • 10.3 Have reported results been resolved within an acceptable timeframe?

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