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  • Health & Safety Office Audit

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Information Boards & Signs

  • Are boards and signs clean and readable?

  • Is any signage missing or damaged?


  • Is there any loose material, debris, worn/torn carpeting?

  • Are the floors slippery, oily or wet?

Stairways, Aisles and Exits

  • Are they clear and unblocked?

  • Are stairways well lit?

  • Are emergency exits clear from obstruction and functional?


  • Are guards and screens in place and effective?

  • Are any chairs worn or badly designed?

  • Are there any sharp edges on desks or cabinets?

  • Are workstations ergonomically laid out?

  • Is there any overcrowding?

  • Are ladders and steps well maintained and properly stored?

Emergency Equipment

  • Is all fire control equipment regularly tested?

  • Is fire control equipment appropriate for the type of fire it must control?

  • Is emergency lighting in place and regularly tested?

  • Is the first aid kit adequate and in date?

  • Are all relevant signs fitted?

  • Are all safety signs clean and clearly placed?

  • Is the accident book available and in use?


  • Do buildings conform to standards with respect to use, occupancy, building services, and plumbing facilities?

  • Are automatic doors suitable and operate safely?

  • Are ladders, stairways and ramps suitable and safe?

  • Is all shelving secured appropriately?

Temperature, Ventilation & Extraction

  • Is the workplace too hot or too cold?

  • Can measures be taken to control temperature extremes?

  • Is there enough natural ventilation in the workplace?

Dangerous Substances

  • Have all dangerous substances been identified?

  • Are less dangerous substitutes available?

  • Are dangerous substances properly labelled and stored?


  • Are wash-rooms and food preparation areas clean?

  • Are toilets provided adequately?

  • Is cool drinking water available?

  • Are there facilities for boiling hot water?

  • Are there cooking facilities?

  • Are there lunchroom's?

  • Are measures in place to prevent the spread of disease?Security


  • Do entry and exit procedures provide workers personal security at night?

  • Are emergency (evacuation, fire, bomb threat) procedures in place?


  • Are lights clean?

  • Are bulbs missing?

  • Are Lux ratings within guidelines? (200 – 500 lux)

Material Storage

  • Are materials neatly and safely stored?

  • Are storage areas safe and clear of obstructions?

  • Are passageways and work areas clear of obstructions?


  • Are extension leads used extensively?

  • Are electrical or telephone cords exposed in areas where employees walk?

  • Are machinery /equipment properly guarded as appropriate?

  • Is electrical wiring properly concealed?

  • Does any equipment have sharp metal projections?

  • Are wall and ceiling fixtures fastened securely?

  • Are paper and waste properly disposed of?

  • Are desk and file drawers kept closed when not in use?

  • Are office accessories in secure places?

  • Are materials stacked on desks or cabinets?

  • Are file cabinet drawers overloaded?

  • Are filing stools or waste-baskets placed where they might be tripping hazards?


  • Has the Manager had formal Health & Safety training?

  • Have all staff had formal Health & Safety training?

First Aid Facilities

  • Is there at least one fully equipped first aid box provided in the workplace?

  • Are there a sufficient number of qualified first-aiders?


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