Participation / General reception on arrival in area.

  • Is there a manager on duty ? Has someone been nominated to deputise? Has their expectations and responsibilities been made clear?
    ( Look for documented responsibilities)

  • Appearance. Are professional appearance standards being promoted.
    Engagement :
    Daily Briefing – delivered by Manager. Yesterday's local performance + today's operational plan. (If applicable)
    Weekly briefing – delivered by Manager 10 mins briefing with a focus on business performance. Plus daily brief.
    Monthly briefing – delivered by Manager 30 mins briefing focusing on business performance. Monthly briefing pack.
    Quarterly financial results – delivered by Ops Manager, supported by GM occasionally , 30 mins briefing of the Quarterly financial results.

  • Audit host openess in audit (3-open and honest 2-reserved 1-defensive

  • Manager proactiveness (3-very proactive 2-proactive 1-not proactive)

Manager Principal Accountabilities

  • Performance management and capability development of staff in accordance with BA employment policy.

  • Has the Manager a clear and recorded development programme for staff. Detailing a clear development path into all positions.
    ( Courses for aircraft types worked in the area/modules/have staff applied for authorisations for courses attended?)
    Look for career development plans. Evidence of 1-1 discussions ( each month/minimum of 1 every six months). Succession planning.
    Ascend visibility - Evidence overview of learning requirements ensure modules are not overdue.

  • Check performance diary entries if used in the area. Are there sufficient entries covering negative performance as well as entries where staff have performed well.
    Is negative performance being managed effectively. Look for documented evidence of managing and promoting both negative and positive performance (Either in Perf Diary or other 1-2-1 discussion/review formats). Look for evidence of Recognition.

  • Ensure career and personal development of all staff
    Provision of a structured training programme for all staff development

  • Licence expiry/continuation training / read and sign. Are they being managed within timescales?
    Check establishment figures ( manager should be aware of staff numbers in the area) ensure all staff are listed in the read and sign folders. ( this includes secondments).

    Sample compliance with CT modules. ( review PA20 for compliance)

  • CAMS NC'S /GOR's ( sample x3)
    Have audit findings been actioned within timescales. Is the fix suitable to address root cause? Sample recommendations are suitable to prevent a reoccurrence.

  • Ensure that resources, both people and physical, are developed and continuously improved to provide a high quality, safe, efficient and profitable service for BA and its customers.

  • 1.Are sickness, leave and training resources being managed effectively? Is persons doing overtime matched to the cover required ?
    If overtime is rostered is it being used effectively?
    2.Are appropriate load v capacity reviews in place.
    3. Documented leave chart and evidence that absence allocations are effectively managed, including ensuring adequate specialists or signatories are in attendance.

    (If area is below establishment, but Recruitment plan is in place, score is compliant if criteria above are met.)

Health and Safety compliance.

  • Accountable for Health & Safety, environment and Quality within laid down legislation

  • Can the Manager detail the high level activities which are undertaken in the area and demonstrate the associated hazards which may be present.
    Have these been in any way formulated into a hazard register and suitable risk assessments put into place.

    For support areas, look at the functions the areas carry out. If not performed correctly what risk is this to the business? This can be also significant financial.
    Check Part M or 145 regulatory compliance.

  • Review personal safety in the workplace, PPE, use and condition of access equipment, safety harness etc.
    PPE - overalls, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear protection and any specific PPE required for the specific task in work.
    Support organisations..consider checking if staff are aware of the PPE requirements for visiting hangars and apron areas. Sample competence of navigating to procedure.

  • Health surveillance checks. Are they being carried out? Can compliance be demonstrated ?

    Review of EQB data.

  • Has the previous monthly H&S workplace inspections been conducted, actions completed and signed off?

  • Has area self audit been completed for the last quarter (Jan-March/April-June/July- Sept/oct-Dec). Any discrepancy not answered must be carried forward as a repeat).
    Walk-rounds- check area self audits for on time completion, are the previous months findings being reviewed for closure?
    Is there evidence of some local measure of quality output from their team.

  • 145.A.40 Does the organisation have sufficient aircraft access equipment and inspection platforms/docking such that the aircraft can be properly inspected?
    Are company vehicles in a roadworthy condition and in a good housekeeping condition?/ condition an serviceability of ground equipment.
    Equipment - condition is serviceable or where unserviceable is identified as out of use and is controlled with defect raised for rectification. Confirm that engineers inspect equipment serviceability before use. Witness correct access equipment in use including use of safety features e.g handrails and/or safety harnesses.
    Support organisation...look at specific key procedure from the area, evidence they are being followed.
    Possible N/A if sufficiently covered elsewhere.

  • HS12 Ensure compliance with local and BA working hour limitations. Review management process and records where applicable ( WTL reports received by email)
    Support area..consider reviewing documented evidence that colleague working time is being monitored. Is there documented evidence of out of hrs/on call working. Can a conclusive report be collated?

  • Overall housekeeping standards
    Directorate desk policy, are confidential documents ( sensitive/commercial) being suitably cleared at the end of shifts.

  • Comments: ( Enter Nil if none)

  • Check mandatory compliance training.
    Is available time throughout attendance being used by staff to complete training?
    Can manager demonstrate teams compliance.

Regulatory Compliance /Airmanship

  • Tool control....( sample x3)
    Are AMS/LAE's/ FSM's carrying out regular tool control audits.( sample check staff for compliance)

    Where no tools are in use sample 3 x procedures for the area and establish relevance and how current the procedure is.

  • Sample staff member tool control.

  • Sample details
  • Compliant?

  • 145.A.47 (c) Are there handover procedures in place to ensure that relevant information is adequately communicated.
    For support areas -look at ongoing projects, TDR decisions, Cap Ex etc. To establish if supporting info for current tracked status is available and accessible in case of unforeseen absence?

  • Review of maintenance tasks..
    1.Are AML Part 1and 2 /task cards suitably staged and correctly completed?
    2.Does the staging of the task allow for any other independent person to pick up the task ensuring no stages are omitted.
    3.Does the task detail ATP data and is this being used?

    For support areas review responses from 1-2-1 assessments to establish tasks carried out in area and assess procedure awareness and adherence.


  • Walking around the area without a valid security pass, do people actively challenge me and how long does it take. ( NC=not challenged, PC= challenged at some time, C= challenged immediately.

Competency assessment. ( sample 3 staff members for competency).

  • 1. Able to navigate procedures without assistance.
    2. Understanding of human factors.
    3. Understanding/evidence of suitable staging of tasks.
    4.Able to navigate approved data ( AMM/MEL) aware of cautions/warnings etc.
    5. Demonstrates a professional attitude towards safety and is able to identify safety risks linked to aircraft safety or the work place. ( safety 123?)
    6. Able to check mandatory training compliance.
    7.Tool box audit.

  • Sampled staff.
  • Staff ID.

  • Grade/Position.

  • Comments.

  • Compliant

Add positive findings/Comments

  • Positive Comments ( enter Nil if none)

  • Positive Comments

Add negative findings/Comments:

  • Negative Comments ( enter Nil if none)

  • Negative Comments.

Add details of improvement areas to be completed prior to next Audit Review

  • Improvement Plans. ( enter Nil of none)

  • Improvement Plan
  • Improvement plan.

Previous Audit findings/Improvement plans:

  • Previous Audit findings: Have previous findings or improvement plans been suitably closed.

  • Any additional findings: ( enter Nil of none)

  • Additional Supporting info:

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