• Audit Title

  • Clinic / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Clinic / Site Manager-Supervisor

Site Information

  • Shift

  • Quarter

Drill Assessment

  • Did staff demonstrate knowledge of the use and function of the fire alarm system? If applicable?

  • Do staff know the appropriate # to dial to report a fire in the facility?

  • Was this # dialed?

  • Identified self and area?

  • Gave exact location of fire?

  • Did staff evacuate any patients from the immediate danger zone?

  • Was the facility totally evacuated?

  • Did the participant demonstrate the knowledge of confining the area of fire?

  • Were there self-activating fire doors?

  • If so, did they close correctly?

  • Did staff close any doors manually to contain the fire ?

  • Did staff know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher?

  • Did staff activate a fire extinguisher?

  • Knew the PASS procedure of a fire extinguisher?

  • Knew the RACE procedure?

  • Knew the location of the O2 shut-off valve?

  • Knew the procedure to prepare for evacuation?

  • Did the staff demonstrate knowledge of the location of the muster point?


  • Enter any comments along with score " Passed or Failed "

  • Please enter your name then sign when assessment is completed.

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