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Safety Interaction

  • Observer Name:

  • Select date

  • Employee's Department:

  • Employee Type:

  • Site:

  • Location:

  • Observation Condition:

  • Has the employee been observed by someone else this month?

  • Task Description:

Questions for the Employee

  • 1. Can you tell me about your task?

  • 2. What are the main hazards / risks associated with this task?

  • 3. What controls do you have in place and do you think they are enough?

  • 4. What are the current health and safety issues your department is experiencing?

  • 5. How are these issues / concerns being addressed?

  • 6. On this job, do you feel there may be a need to deviate from standard procedure?


  • Line of Fire

  • Eyes on path

  • Eyes on Task

  • Ascending / Descending

  • Pinch Points / Rotating Objects


  • Lifting / Lowering

  • Twisting

  • Pushing / Pulling

  • Posture / Overextended / Cramped

  • Response to Ergonomic Risk


  • Tool/Equipment Selection

  • Tool/Equipment Condition

  • Tool/Equipment Use

  • Guarding / Barricades / Delineation


  • Take 5 / JHA / Prestart

  • Isolation / Tag-out

  • Communication of Hazards

  • Permits

  • Light Vehicle Operations

  • Surface Mobile Equipment

  • Lifting Equipment

  • Explosives

  • Work at Height

  • Confined Space Entry


  • Walking / Working Surfaces

  • Housekeeping / Storage

  • Lighting

  • Temperature Extremes / UVR Exposure

  • Liquid Transfer / Uncontrolled Discharge

  • Hazardous Materials / Noise / Dust

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Basic PPE

  • Task Specific PPE


  • Fatigue Management

  • Check training record and attach for every 10th Interaction conducted

Positive Feedback Notes

    What were the safe behaviours you observed and what did you like about them?

At-Risk Behaviour Notes

    What WAS the at-risk behaviour observed?
  • Was the employee AWARE of the at-risk behaviour?

  • Does the employee AGREE that it is/was at-risk?

  • What is the employee’s REASON behind working at-risk?

  • What is an agreed on suggestion for a SOLUTION?

Action Notes

    Immediate Actions
  • Completed

  • Corrective Actions

  • Responsible Person

  • Due Date


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