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  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Vehicles (all) adhering to speed limits within site

  • Forklifts slowing for corners and sounding horn

  • Forklifts and pedestrians adhering to 3m and 5m exclusion zone rules

  • Truck drivers following exclusion zone rules requirements

  • Forklift parked appropriately - heel of the forks down

Manual Handling

  • Are correct lifting techniques being used (load close to body etc)

  • When required, are people getting assistance to lift heavy/awkward objects


  • Gloves being worn when handling timber or metal products

  • Dust masks being worn when operating saws

  • Hi Vis being worn by truck drivers in yard areas

Customers / Visitors

  • Customers adhering to the safety requirements of site

  • Visitors signed into visitor register

Evacuation Safety

  • Fire exits clear of obstructions (rubbish, storage etc) and open easily

  • Exit signs in place and visible

  • Hose reels and extinguishers in good condition and not obstructed

  • Seal tags on fire extinguishers in good condition and not obstructed

  • Manual call points not obstructed, glass intact

Saws and Equipment

  • Guards in good condition and in place

  • Power isolation functional to prevent unauthorised use of machinery

  • Tag and lock out labels, clasps, locks readily available

  • Red hands free zone clearly marked and labelled

  • No saw dust build up

  • Isolation switch clearly identified

Nail Guns

  • Nail guns operated using correct firing technique

  • Daily per start has been completed and recorded

  • Nail gun in holder when not in use

  • Nail gun cords kept away from walk ways

Hazardous Substances

  • Spill kit checked - reorder items used

  • Hazardous substances manifest accessible and all staff aware if location

  • Safety data sheets know where to find online

Housekeeping / Storage

  • Floor / yard area clear from rubbish / items

  • Appropriate access and signage to mezzanine floor e.g. (Signage - authorised access only)

  • Timber packs not stacked more than four high near a fence

  • Canteen area clean, tidy and free for use

  • All aisles and walkways clear and free for use

  • Electrical / pneumatic leads kept tidy & stored safely so as not to be a trip hazard

Asset Protection

  • Perimeter fence and entry / exit gates intact

  • Electrical cabinets closed and suitably signed

  • Electrical cords tagged and current (check next tagging date)

  • Lighting all sufficient for work requirements

  • Smoking policy enforced (ie smoking only happening in approved areas)

  • Are signs visible and attached to the wall

  • Signs clear and easy to read (e.g. No cracks or fading)

First Aid / Spill Kits

  • In checking the first aid kit (using separate checklist) did they meet all of the requirements?

  • In checking the spill kit - were all components present and reorder checklist available?

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