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  • Emergency Number - must be plainly visible on all phones.<br>

  • First Aid Kit Available <br>


  • Blocked exitways - exits, aisles, corridors and stairways must be unobstructed.<br>

  • Doors - must be operable from the inside by a single unlocking/unlatching action<br>

  • Exit illumination - exit signs and exit pathways must remain illuminated while building is occupied.<br>


  • Access - must be maintained to equipment / hydrants.<br>

  • Sprinklers - must be serviced and certified every five years; maintenance must be performed quarterly.<br>

  • Extinguishers - serviced yearly and after each use; mounted 3’ to 5' above the floor; post signs identifying locations of extinguishers when not readily visible.<br>

  • Alarms - waterflow (sprinkler system) alarm must be tested quarterly and other fire alarms routinely.<br>


  • Flexible wiring - may not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring, nor may it pass through walls, ceilings, or floors; permanent wiring should be installed under permit.<br>

  • Multi-plug power strips - are acceptable when listed, have a built-in circuit breaker, and are not rated for more than 15 amps.<br>

  • Circuit panel clearance - maintain access (30" clearance)<br>

  • Labeling - “ELECTRICAL ROOM” door and all circuits must be identified.<br>


  • Fire assemblies - doors (including automatic roll-down types), windows, and shaft openings which are required to be self-closing or automatic-closing must be maintained in working order.<br>

  • Fire-resistive construction - any such construction which has been damaged must be restored to its original condition.<br>


  • Combustible storage - maintain 24" clearance below ceiling; not allowed in exits, exit enclosures, boiler, mechanical or main electrical rooms or underneath buildings.<br>

  • Maintain clearance around heat-producing equipment.<br>

  • Dumpster clearance - provide 5' clearance from combustible wall/roof of nearest structure.<br>

  • Gas meters, regulators, piping - protect from vehicles.


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