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1. Pandemic Response Management

  • A. Pandemic Response Team established, e.g., team identified, roles understood, operational

  • B. Corporate Protocols reviewed, adjusted to the particulars of the site, agreed upon with EH&S

  • C. Operational daily and shift change checklists created, responsibles identified and trained

2. Preventative Material Inventory

  • A. Adequate supply of cleaning supplies (e.g., soap, disinfectant, paper towels/tissues) or on order with sufficient lead time

  • B. 30-day supply of face masks on site or on order with sufficient lead time.

  • C. Adequate quantity and quality of non-touch thermometers on site for timely employee screening

3. Personal Protective Equipment

  • A. Review and understand the PPE protocol and guidance in the Playbook

4. Disinfection Measures

  • A. Site disinfected prior to anyone returning to work

  • B. Actions appropriate to ensure optimal turnover of fresh/clean air within the site (e.g. HVAC filters cleaned, return air fully open; bay and other doors opened where feasible)

  • C. General Disinfection Methods implemented per the protocols (e.g., cleaning approaches, frequency)

5. Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Protocol

  • A. Review, understand, and prepare for the triggering of the Deep-Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol

6. Inbound Parts/Materials/Packages

  • A. Incoming supply is managed according to Playbook standards

7. Layered Audit Checklist

  • A. eLPA audit process and software in-pace and trained, especially the pandemic-related audits

8. Transportation

  • A. Employee Transportation provider(s) have reviewed and implemented the Transportation Disinfection Checklist protocol

9. Isolation Protocol & Coordinator

  • A. Review and understand the Isolation protocol

  • B. Isolation Coordinator (volunteer) identified and trained

  • C. Protocol in place to isolate employees if she/he is symptomatic and on-site, including forms readily available

10. Social Distancing Protocol

  • A. Social Distancing Protocol reviewed, understood and implemented before start-up. Responsible assigned to check the site daily.

11. On-site Health Screening

  • A. Protocol established for pre-shift screening prior to site entry

  • B. Barriers are in place to prevent anyone from missing the screening

12. Daily Self-Screening Protocol

  • A. Daily Self-Screening protocol is distributed to all employees for voluntary, home self-screening

  • B. HR team prepared to receive inquiries or reports of symptomatic employees prior to shift

13. Self-Quarantining and Return to Work Protocol

  • A. Protocol reviewed, understood and adjusted as necessary for local, legal and cultural environment

14. Visitors & Contractors Self-Screening

  • A. Plan in place for screening Visitors and Contractors, including self-screening checklists printed and available?

15. Labor Relations Alignment

  • A. Local Unions educated on Pandemic Response Plan and Return to Work Protocols

16. Return to Work Training Plans

  • A. Day One training organized (e.g., attendee groups, logistics, schedules, trainers, feedback loop)?

17. Health & Wellness

  • A. Resources available to employees are understood and documented to be provided when requested

  • B. Employees will be surveyed regarding the safety procedures

18. Digital Communications and Signage

  • A. Adequate digital communication program in place to reach as many employees as possible, if needed

  • B. Physical signage posted

Overall Comments

  • Overall Comments

Certified for Accuracy

  • Site Manager (Sign)

  • PRT: Employee Access Control (Sign)

  • PRT: Virus Prevention (Sign)

  • PRT: Sanitization & Disinfection (Sign)

  • PRT: Communications & Training (Sign)

  • PRT: PPE (Sign)

Approved to Open

  • EH&S Director (Sign)

  • Operations VP (Sign)

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