Safety communication

  • The site entry clearly shows that safety is important

  • Corporate safety policy is posted in appropriate places

  • Safety statistics are communicated to the workforce

Walkway questions

  • Walkways are clear of obstructions (e.g. pallets, hoses, put holes, etc.)?

  • Walkways are clear of spillages ( e.g. oil, water, etc.)?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Right eye protection (safety glasses with side protection / goggles / full face visor)?

  • Protective foot ware / safety shoes?

  • Adequate hearing protection (areas with sound level above 80dBA)?

Hand knives - inspection

  • The site has implemented no knife policy ?

  • Automatic (e.g. Spring loaded) retractable blade?

  • Protective (cut resistance) glove and sleeve worn at 'off hand?'

  • Round tipped blade?

  • Knives are protected from unexpected contact ?

Pallets and storage of ribbons

  • Palletised goods meet standard?

  • Max height, away from walkways, is 3 pallets?

  • Maximum height by walkways is 2 pallets?

  • There are no 'loose ribbons' stored 'at height' (above 1,8m)?

  • All loose ribbons of core board are secured?

  • Rate of conformance (number of ribbons storage area safe on total )

Fire safety and emergency

  • Is a defibrillator in place and in good condition ?

  • A trained first aider is present in the actual shift

  • Fire extinguisher are accessible

  • Safety exits are clearly marked and clear of any obstructions?

  • Emergency doors working well ?

Fork Lift Trucks (FLT's)

  • There are no keys left in the ignition of the truck when parked?

  • Truck drivers are wearing seat belts when driving?

  • Trucks are driving at or below walking pace?

  • Truck drivers are respecting 'HALO-rules' at all times?
    - slow down, ready to stop within 1,5m
    - stop when within 0,9 m


  • Fixed guards are inspected: in place and secure?

  • All 'ingoing nip points' and rotating objects are (properly guarded)?

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