• Officer(s)

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • This is a:

Demographic Data

  • Surname/Family name

  • Other names

  • Residential Street Address

  • Suburb/Town and Postcode

  • Telephone

  • Date of Birth

  • Sex

  • Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander Origin

  • Country of Birth

  • Language Spoken at Home

  • Occupations (if child list parental occupations)

  • Name/Address of Employer or School or Child Care Attended

  • Date last attended

  • High Risk occupational group?

Treating Doctor/Hospital

  • Name of Treating Dr

  • Did the case present to hospital?

  • Name of hospital

  • Was the case admitted to hospital?

  • Date of admission

  • Date of discharge/death

Illness (Summary)

  • First symptom

  • Onset date of first symptom

  • Time of onset of first symptom

  • Maximum stools in 24 hours

  • Duration of diarrhoea (days/hours)

  • Total duration of illness (days)

  • History of Illness:

  • Was the case given antibiotics to treat the illness?

  • If yes, what antibiotics?

  • Is the case still taking antibiotics?

  • What date did the case last take antibiotics?

Contact Data

  • In the week prior to the onset of illness, has the case:

  • Had contact with a family member with a similar illness?

  • Had contact with a friend or work/school colleague with a similar illness?

  • If yes to the above questions, detail name, age, relationship, address, phone number, occupation/child care/school, onset date and if a faeces culture has been taken.

  • Could illness in the case be linked to illness in any others

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