Sandblast pre-lightoff inspection

This document replaces the following forms: 40404-2 sandblast containment inspection form, 40406-1 sandblast checksheet, 40407-3 sandblast protection checksheet.

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Underwater body

Shaft seals--1/16" rubber, wire and rags--Level 3, blast proof
Propellers--protective shroudng, Visqueen, wire--Level 2, blast resistant
Propeller shaft--1/16" rubber, wire--Level 3, blast proof
Turntable perimeter (Z-drives)--fire hose--Level 3, blast proof
Transducers--plywood and silicone--Level 3, blast proof
Sea Chest intakes--DC plugs--Level 3, blast proof
Hull penetrations--DC plugs--Level 2, blast resistant
Bow thruster--protective shrouding, Visqueen, wire--Level 3, blast proof
Capac system--plywood and silicone, shore--Level 3, blast proof
Keel coolers--plywood and rubber, wire--Level 2, blast resistant
Anchor hawse--plywood, silicone--Level 2, blast resistant
Fairleads and chocks--1/16" rubber, wire--Level 2, blast resistant

Decks and superstructure

Bow windlass--protective shrouding, Visqueen, wire--Level 3, blast proof
Stern windlass--protective shrouding, Visqueen, wire--Level 3, blast proof
Cable sheaves--rope wedged around bearings--Level 3, blast proof
Hatches--plywood, rubber and wire--Level 2, blast resistant
Nonskid deck coating--plywood--Level 2, blast resistant
Valves--plywood, rubber and wire--Level 3, blast proof
Windows--blue tape, plywood and silicone--Level 3, blast proof
Lighting--wrap with plastic and rubber--Level 3, blast proof
Electric cabling--Rubber with wire--Level 3, blast proof
Vents--plywood with foam and silicone--Level 2, blast resistant
Smoke stacks--protective shrouding, plywood & silicone--Level 2, blast resistant
Hydraulic lines--rubber hose--Level 3, blast proof
Name plates or labels--remove or protect with rubber and silicone--Level 2, Blast resistant

Intakes outside of blast zone--protective shrouding--Level 1, dust proof

Tanks and voids

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Protect penetrations
Protect sensors
Protect cables

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Protect sensors
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Lightoff checksheet


All equipment is set up with hoses and nozzles positioned
All blast equipment has been tested
All manlifts are those designated for sandblasting, and have been tested for functionality
Worksite is clear of non-essential materials and equipment
All remaining equipment within the blast zone is protected
The sandblast maintenance shop is positioned close to the blast pot.
Sandblast locker room is positioned close to the containment entry
A sample demonstration zone has been blasted to the required standard
All work zones have been defined
Blotter test and coupon have been completed (if required).

After crew arrival

All sandblasters fully understand the SSPC standard to be achieved
All sandblasters have been instructed to blast AWAY from the containment
Work zones have been communicated to each sandblaster
Containment monitors are trained and have verified radio contact to pot tenders
Containment inspection
All containment has been fully planned, shrouding inspected and repaired and additional materials purchased as necessary to ensure that all required containment preparation has been fully accomplished.
All containment has been fully accomplished to ensure that no sandblast contaminants will be discharged to air, water or land from this project. Positive air pressure has been introduced to vessel interior to prevent contaminant intrusion when required. CO monitor and proper air filtration is in place to ensure safety of the personnel within the containment.
Sign off
Press to enter completion time.
Blast crew chief signature.
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.