Is the area free from litter, cigarette buts, etc

Are the external windows & signage clean and in working order?

Are the external posters/advertising & signage to brand standards, clean etc?

Is external lighting in full working order?

PLEASE ENTER ANY RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE ABOVE SECTION: Notes can include new ideas, strategies or items for said section.


Are front doors clean and in working order?

Is the area clean, vacuumed, free of dust, litter etc?

Are all light bulbs working?

When the phone rings at the facility is it answered within 5 rings max?

Exercise Areas

Are TRX straps in good repair and attached to the frame correctly?

Are there any cobwebs? ie. has high dusting occurred or not?

Is class timetable displayed with the current timetable?

Are mirrors & mirror frames clean & free of dust?

Is the cardio equipment clean?

Is the cardio equipment in line to brand standards?

Are weights plates clean, tidy and in good repair?

Are the gym floors vacuumed and cleaned to a high standard?

Are gym walls clean of marks?

Free weights Area

Is area tidy, weights put away, benches in line etc?

Is all signage branded & in clip frames

Is weight plates free off chalk & dust?

Is the floor clean and free of litter?

Are the walls clean?

Are the mirrors clean & mirror frames free of dust?

Is high dusting complete? i.e. no cobwebs on rig or in wall corners.

Toilets, Disable toilet & Shower

Is the shower walls clean? Check for stains

Is the shower drain free?

Are mirrors clean?

Are the toilet sink & surrounding area clean?

Are the toilet walls clean?

Is the floor clean & free of litter? Including corners

Reception/Members Area

Is the carpet clean and free of litter?

Are vending machines/fridges fully stocked?

Is the vending machine/fridge glass clean?

Is marketing material readily available? i.e. are there flyers, info in case someone walks in mid session

Is there a members sign up/consultation area available so new potential members can speak to someone about their reason for interest?

Is there a member notice board for upcoming events, items in club? i.e. a fitness competition on the horizon, members birthdays, club improvements etc..


Are you and your staff first aid/CPR trained? And is this certification current?

Is your gym floor free from sharp edges and trip hazards?

If you store cleaning chemicals on site are they stored away from members in a locked area?

Do you have a defibrillator on site? (Is it tested and flashing green) Legally this may not be a requirement where you are at but it is always recommended

Are risks assessed on a regular basis and hazards identified using a process in your facility?


Do you have a branded business voicemail which is current? (Mobile and office number)

Do you have business cards available? (1 Check reception/office and 2 check your wallet)

Do you have a secure lead capturing method, i.e. if someone enters your facility do you capture their data in one single space?

Are you and/or your team wearing a branded uniform?

Are your social media comments/posts responded to within 24 hours or receiving?

Have you connected with one new business this month to create a new B2B partnership or at least begin talks?

Do you have a blocked out business development period of time in our day AND DOES IT GET DONE????

Do you have an in club/office document updated which shows your current monthly sales, leavers and overall growth and also can you access these numbers from day one of opening i.e. how many members do you have?

Do you have a weekly/fortnightly/monthly newsletter?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.