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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel

This form assumes that the job cannot be completed by DTH or DAT Engineer. A form must be completed for each SAT job before it is undertaken. SAT jobs require two persons on site at all times With rope accessed jobs three people required 2 x level 1 trained and one Level 2 trained engineer at all times otherwise they postpone job.

Visit details

  • Date and Time

  • Start time

  • True Job type


Personnel on Site

  • Level 2 trained Supervisor on site

  • John Ware

  • Bob Loew

Health and Safety advisor on site

  • Mick McCarthy

  • Rob Hudgell

VIP Team on site

  • Robert Mangar

  • Matt Phillip

  • Martin Dowdy

  • Dane Thomas

  • Nick. Pover

  • Shaun Lucan

Equipment check

  • Kit number

  • Kit Number

  • Kit Number

  • 11mm Dynamic Ropes- 50 mtr each x 2

  • Neveho Harness c/w Chest Harness and Croll

  • Rocker

  • Hand Ascender

  • ID Descender Unit

  • 10mm Delta Maillon Rapide

  • 10mm Semi-Circular Maillon

  • 10mm Screwgate Karabiners (assorted)

  • Set of Cowstails 11mm Dynamic Rope

  • 7mm Plastic Covered Wire Anchor Strop - 375mm Long

  • 60cm Long Sewn Endless Webbing Slings

  • 1.2mtr Long Sewn Endless Webbing Slings

  • Petzl Helmet

  • Twin Leg Lanyards

  • Single Pulley Blocks

  • Double Pulley Blocks

  • Foot Loop Lanyard

  • 1mtr Canvas Rope Protector

  • Kite bag

  • Rope Bags

Team Communication

  • Visual (hand signals)

  • Verbal (unassisted )

  • Verbal (assisted)

  • Radio ( note channel)

Work Log

  • Detail of task

  • Hours worked

  • Height Worked

  • Supervisor name

  • VIP Engineer name

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