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1.0 Site Condition

  • Park Name

  • Is the site clean and free of trip and hygiene hazards, unsuitable objects,

  • broken glass and rubbish

  • Risk Level

  • Is the area free from stinging insects and plants?

  • Risk Level

2.0 Soft fall Surfacing

  • Is the soft fall free of debris and foreign objects?

  • Risk Level

  • If a loose soft fall, is it the correct depth (minimum compacted depth 250mm)

  • Risk Level

  • Is the soft fall surface in good repair (eg. Not worn, compacted or uneven)?

  • Risk Level

  • Are play equipment footings/ foundations covered with soft fall?

  • Risk Level

  • Is the play equipment free of any obvious head/ finger entrapments or pinch

3.0 Play Equipment

  • points caused by vandalism, broken or missing equipment or excessive wear?

  • Risk Level

  • Are all bolts, clamps and joints in place and securely fastened?

  • Risk Level

  • Are all post footing/ foundations secure?

  • Risk Level

  • Is the play equipment complete with no missing parts?

  • Risk Level

  • Do all moving parts move freely and smoothly?

  • Risk Level

  • Are all sliding surfaces free of cracks and splits?

  • Risk Level

  • Are all chains, ropes and "S" Hooks secure?

  • Risk Level

  • Are "S" Hooks on chains closed?

  • Risk Level

  • Are tunnels free from all obstructions and unsuitable items?

  • Risk Level

  • Are all rotating items moving freely?

  • Risk Level

  • Are seats and attachments in good condition?

  • Risk Level

  • Are the chain covers in good repair and correctly positioned?

  • Risk Level

  • Are tyres secure, free from pests and well drained?

  • Risk Level

  • Is there any graffiti requiring removal

  • Risk Level

  • Add media

4.0 Action Required

  • Add drawing

  • Add media

5.0 Park facilities - Condition

5.1 Shelters

  • Are Shelters in good serviceable condition

  • Add media

  • Are footings and concrete in good condition

5.2 Seating and Table settings

  • Is park furniture in good serviceable condition

  • Is park furniture in clean and free from damage

  • Is park furniture in free from pest i.e "Ants, Wasps and Spiders"

5.3 BBQ Areas

  • Is BBQ in good serviceable condition

  • Is BBQ clean

  • Is BBQ functional

6.0 Public Conveniences

  • 6.1 Have all toilet, showers and waiting room floors been washed, scrubbed and disinfected?

  • 6.2 Have all lavatory pans and cisterns, urinals and hand basins been Washed, scrubbed and disinfected?

  • 6.3 Have all tiled walls and all fittings been washed, scrubbed and disinfected, Did the contractor clean and polish all bright metal on doors and fittings

  • 6.4 Are all mirrors, taps and surrounding surfaces been cleaned.

  • 6.5 Have all receptacles for used hand towels, refuse, etc. been washed cleaned and disinfected? Liners replaced where required?

  • 6.6 Have all ledges, sills and non-mechanical equipment been dusted?

  • 6.7 Has toilet paper been replaced as required, ensuring adequate provision for daily use?

  • 6.8 Have the concrete path outside waiting areas including footpaths been swept?

  • 6.9 Have the bins been emptied and all papers and rubbish been picked up?

  • 6.10 Have all fittings such as seats, etc been cleaned and washed.

  • 6.11 Have the entrance doors been cleaned?

  • 6.12 Have ceilings, walls, light fittings and behind doors to be kept cobweb free

  • 6.13 Has any loose rubbish in pot plants, gardens on footpaths, roadways and parks been picked up?

  • 6.14 Has the soap and paper towel dispensers been refilled?

  • 6.16 Have dangers been reported to Parks and Gardens Supervisor (ie: Broken Furniture, Fixtures

  • 6.17 has the service log per clean been completed?

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