• Bedroom Inspection

    Once a term and at the end of your contract period a bedroom inspection will be undertaken and cross referenced with the Room Condition form you submitted upon your arrival. The aim of the inspection is to ensure that no damage has caused to any of the fixtures, fittings and to check the overall condition including the cleaning standards (we allow for fair wear and tear) whilst you have been in residence. Staff will compare your signed condition form (handed in following your arrival) and will log any damage issues which you will liable for.

    In addition to checking for the above staff will report any items of non-compliance that are not allowed to be kept in bedrooms as set out in your accommodation agreement. You will be given reasonable notice to remove these items and staff will re-check 7 days after your initial room inspection visit to ensure they have been removed. If any item is deemed to have a serious Health and Safety implication it will need to be removed immediately.

    Flat/Communal Inspection

    As with the bedrooms inspection the communal areas of your flat will be inspected to ensure that they are being kept clean and to standard and that no damage has been caused.


    The purpose of the Room Inspection is not to report general maintenance and faults. If you are aware of anything that needs to be fixed or repaired please contact your Residence Reception.

    More details

    For more information and details on the inspection process please refer to your University Living student handbook or visit the Accommodation Office website


  • If you would like to speak to a member of the management team please contact your Residence Reception

  • Bedroom is cleaned to an acceptable standard

  • Your room will be re inspected on the date shown.

  • Bathroom is cleaned to an acceptable standard

  • Your room will be re inspected on the date shown.

  • Bedroom/flat free from excessive rubbish

  • Your room will be re inspected on the date shown. Please ensure items are removed before this inspection.

  • Kitchen is cleaned to an acceptable standard

  • Your room will be re inspected on the date shown.

  • Are there any Non compliant items

  • Notes

  • Add media

  • Your room will be re inspected. Please ensure non compliant items are removed.


  • Signature

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