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Scaffold vicinity

  • Is scaffold erected within the Electrical 'No Go Zone' ?

  • Is scaffold erected a safe distance away from trenches or excavations ?

Public Safety

  • is the Scaffold located in a public area

  • is the scaffold protected from people climbing?

  • Are scaffold materials fenced away from public access?

  • Can falling objects hit people below?

  • Are kickers in place or areas plyed out to prevent materials and tools rolling off scaffold onto the public

  • Is the 45 degree rule for constructing scaffold being adhered to

  • Is a spotter being used during construction to stop works while pedestrians are escorted past areas non compliant with the 45 degree rule

  • Does scaffold prevent the use of emergency exit or other accessways?

  • are all scaffolding materials congregated within site fencing

Scaff-tags / Access & Egress

  • Are scaff-tags fitted at access / egress points?

  • Are there 2 points of access in case of emergency including 1 stretcher stairs?

  • Are ladders of an industrial grade,serviceable,correctly installed?

  • Do ladders extend working platforms by 1m?

  • Are ladders installed in the 1:4 ratio?

  • Does every work platform have safe access/egress?

Scaffold structure

  • Are the soleboards centered?

  • Are the soleboards of legal specified dimensions?

  • Are the soleboards in serviceable condition?

  • Are the standards bearing firmly ? (not floating)

  • Are standards plumb?

  • Are ledgers and transoms secure and level?

  • Does the scaffold feel stable? ( no wobble)

  • Is there sufficient ties?

  • Is the scaffold braced?

  • Photos

Working Platforms

  • Does the scaffold have suitable amount of working platforms?

  • Are these platforms suitable for the trades?

  • Are these platforms constructed for the appropriate live loads? ( light-med-heavy duty )

  • Photos

Tube & Coupler scaffolds

  • Are there non regulation tube & coupler scaffold additions to the modular scaffold structure?

  • Please describe areas of concern

  • Photograph any tube & coupler additions

General fit for purpose

  • Do any areas of scaffold exceed the maximum clearance of 225 mm from exterior of building under construction?

  • Do lap boards have a minimum overlap of 500mm used on returns and gaps between working platforms?

  • Photos

Comments / scaffold photos / drawings /

  • Sketch any areas that may need attention

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