• Job Number:

  • Description

  • Audit Title

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Personnel

Competency Check List

1. Safety checks

  • b) Is it a high risk taks?

  • c) Is there a JRA for the task? And was the JRA reviewed with the employees?

  • d) Are the employees competent to perform the task?

  • e) Are the employees authorised to perform the task?

  • f) Are the employees permitted to perform the task?

  • g) Are the correct tools / equipment / permits been used to perform the task?

2. Over inspection (before repaires)

  • a) Equipment number

  • b) Devect on the equipment

  • c) Media (Before)

2. Over inspection (after repairs)

  • a) Was the devect repaired to standard?

  • b) Media (After)

3. Testing of the equipment

  • a) Was the equipment tested before hand back to production?

  • b) Any legal inspections / test to be performed?

  • c) Any deviations / risks?

  • d) Media

Assessor's Comments

  • a) Foreman comments on execution of the task: (THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED)

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