• Is lighting adequate with no glare or shadows?

  • Are tripping hazards eliminated; i.e., threshold plates in good repair, absence of cords, etc.?

  • Are all walking surfaces level and any differences adequately marked?

  • Do exists open outward?

Dining Area

  • Are chairs, tables, and other items of equipment in dining room and kitchen safe with no hazards?

  • Is there adequate clean up of floors, tables?

  • Are all walking surfaces level and any differences adequately marked?

  • Are emergency exits and evacuation routes clearly marked and unobstructed?

  • Are there emergency exit diagrams posted by the fire exits?

  • Are the trash can full and or overloaded?

Serving Area

  • Are steam-tables properly maintained?

  • Are floors clean, clear and slip resistant?

  • If runners or mats are used are they flat on the floor?

  • Does the working space allow for a full range of work movements?

  • Is the work area free of exposed floor telephone jacks and electrical outlets in work
    area which could constitute a tripping hazard?

Food Preparation Area

  • Is all electrical equipment properly grounded? Are cords and plugs in good condition?

  • Are the electrical or telephone cords crossing a passage or aisle covered by a rubber
    channel designed for that purpose?

  • Are electrical switches on machines located where they can be reached easily in case of emergency?

  • Are floors kept clean, dry, and clear as possible?

  • Are knives stored in racks with slots or compartments or in drawers designated for knives only?

  • Do deep fryers have working temperature controls and gauges? Baskets in good condition?

  • Are filters on vent hoods cleaned on schedule?

  • Are hot pads readily available for use near hot containers?

  • Are oven doors in good condition? Any sharp edges? Open easily? Kept closed?

  • Steamer interlocks to prevent opening while steam valve is on work properly?

  • Warning signs placed in wet floor areas?

  • Boxes, crates, electrical cords and other materials not cluttering walkways or stairways

  • Are mats or grating used where drainage is necessary?

Walk-in Refrigerators or Freezers

  • Are walk-in refrigerator floors in good condition?

  • In walk- in refrigerator are storage racks or shelves secured and stable?

  • In walk- in refrigerator is boxes, crates, and other materials correctly stacked and not cluttering walkways?

  • Are walk-in refrigerators free of water, creating a slip hazard?

  • Are walk-in freezer floors in good condition?

  • In walk-in freezer is ice kept off floor? Any leaks which create ice on floor? If ice forms is it covered until it can be removed?

  • Is there either a working inside latch release to prevent someone from being locked inside or an alarm which can be sounded from within?

  • In walk-in freezer are storage racks or shelves secured and stable?

  • In walk-in freezer is boxes, crates, and other materials correctly stacked and not cluttering walkways?

Receiving and Storage Area

  • Is materials-handling equipment available where needed? (Dollies, hand-trucks, etc.)

  • Are floors kept clear and in good condition? (Tripping hazards? Slip resistant surface?)

  • Are dollies or other equipment used to handle garbage cans?

  • Are heavy items stored on lower shelves and lighter less frequently used items on high shelves?

  • Is a good ladder or step-stool used for high shelves?

  • Are the shelves strong enough for the weight stored on them?

  • Are soaps, detergents, disinfectants, etc. properly marked if not in their original containers?

  • Are mops, brooms, pails, etc. kept stored out of the way?

  • Are work supplies and materials stored in cabinets, on storage shelves, or other areas
    specifically set aside for that purpose?

  • Is combustible scrap, debris, and waste stored safely and removed from the work site

  • Is recycle material safely stored?

  • Does the working space allow for a full range of work movements?

  • Is the minimum clearance of 24 inches maintained between from the ceiling or 18 inches clearance from
    sprinkler head to ceiling?

Dishwashing Area

  • Are rubber mats used in areas that are often wet?

  • Does garbage disposer have a protector over opening? Is switch near operator?

  • Are rubber gloves used in pot and pan wash area?

  • Are dish-racks in good condition? No broken parts? Free from sharp edges?

Loading-docks and Trash Dumpsters

  • Are the loading-docks 4 feet or higher protected with safety chains or railing?

  • Are there stair rails or handrails on all stairways having four or more risers?

  • Are all stairways at least 22 inches wide?

  • The area around dumpster free of slip/trip/fall hazard?

  • Do stairs have a slip resistant surface?

Miscellaneous - Food Service

  • Are fire extinguishers mounted in readily accessible locations?

  • Have employees been trained in the proper use of fire extinguishers?

  • Are fire extinguishers checked monthly/periodically?

  • Where doors open into hallways and aisles, are they marked with yellow and black
    stripes to warn passing personnel? Are “Open Door Slowly” signs posted on the office
    side of the door?

  • Are the directions to exits, when not immediately apparent, marked with visible signs?

  • Are all exits kept free of obstructions? Marked with an exit sign and illuminated by a
    reliable light source?

  • Can exit doors be opened from the direction of exit travel without the use of a key or
    any special knowledge or effort when the building is occupied?

  • Is there 36-inch minimum clearance maintained in all hallways and major passageways maintained?

  • Is there 36-inch minimum clearance in front of electrical panels?

  • If cloth dryers are used are the lint filter cleaned daily?

  • Are all personal electrical equipment such as coffee markers, radios, lamps, and
    similar appliances Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed?

  • Are fire alarm pull stations visible and accessible?

  • Are fire evacuation procedures posted and are evacuation plans current?

  • Is there emergency lighting in rooms without windows?

  • Are SDS’s available for office area chemicals?

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