Title Page

  • School Crossing Number

  • School Crossing Supervisor Name

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Reviewed by



  • Click on the paper clip beside each item to start a notation of works needed. This action will add a reference under each items and be listed in the final report.

  • Line Marking

  • Poles

  • Flags

  • Footpath Surface

  • Road Surface

  • Lights

  • Signs

  • Overhanging / Encroaching Branches

  • Sight Obstructions

  • Photos for this section

  • Comments for this section including CSRs created for required works

Crossing Supervisor Equipment and Uniform

Crossing Supervisor Equipment and Uniform

  • Stop Bat

  • Jacket / Vest

  • Whistle

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Cooling Scarf

  • Water Bottle

  • Comments for this section

School Crossing Customer Service Review

  • Attendance and Hours of Work

  • Training up to date

  • Dress/ Bearing / Attitude

  • Adherence to OHS Requirements

  • Further comments to this section


School Crossing Supervisor

  • School Crossing Supervisor Signature

  • Name of Crossing Supervisor on Duty


  • Reviewer Signature

  • Name of Reviewer


  • Coordinator Signature

  • Name of Coordinator

  • Coordinator Comments

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