Parking lots:STF

  • Does the parking lot have proper lighting?

  • Are the surfaces smooth and free from potholes?

  • Are the parking lot walkway routes marked off?

Outdoor walkways: STF

  • Are the surfaces level ?

  • Do surfaces have proper drainage?

  • Are walkways properly illuminated?

  • Are walkways free of debris?

Indoor walkways:

  • Are the floor surfaces level and free of cracks/bulges/breaks/tears?

  • Are the carpets firmly fastened in place and free of gaps?

  • Are the entryway mats in place during rain or snow conditions?

  • Are the floor surfaces free of debris?


  • Are the floor surfaces treated with non-slip materials?

  • Are the ramps equipped with handrails?


  • Are the steps uniform and well maintained with no broken edges?

  • Are handrails provided and secure?

  • Are the stairways and landings well illuminated?

  • Are the landings and stairways free of debris?


  • Are the floor surfaces free of irregularities?

  • Are the floor surfaces free of water?

  • While floors are wet mopped, are the areas barricaded or signs in places?


  • Are the floor surfaces level and free of cracks/bulges/breaks/tears?

  • Are the carpets firmly fastened in place and free of gaps?

  • Are floors in good condition and not slippery?

  • Are potential hazards such as uncovered extension cords/ cables across aisles?

  • Are there any other potential trip hazards in the classroom?

Fire and Life Code Safety:

  • Are the fire alarm pull stations accessible at all times?

  • Are the evacuation diagrams posted at primary exit door(s)?

  • Is there adequate aisle space is provided for egress to all primary and
    secondary exits?

  • Are the fire extinguishers accessible and mounted on hangers or brackets?

  • Have the fire extinguishers been inspected monthly/yearly?

  • Artwork in classrooms is there more than 50% of any wall covered with art and/or
    teaching materials?

  • Artwork in corridors is there more than 20% of any wall covered with art and/or
    teaching materials?

  • Are all “EXIT” signs are illuminated?

  • Is the door panic hardware in good working order, and free from chains, padlocks or
    any other locking device?

  • Are flammable/combustible liquids, such as paint and glue are stored

  • Is there any door stops being used on fire doors?

  • Are emergency lights in proper working order?

  • Are all emergency exits free of all obstructions?

  • Is storage allowed under the stairs?

  • Are 1st Aid kits available and up to date?

  • Ceiling clearance, is storage 2 foot or more for non-sprinklered and 18 inches for sprinklered areas?

Electrical Safety:

  • Do all electrical panels have 36 inch clearance?

  • Do all electrical switches and receptacles all have cover plates?

  • Is there any extension cords being used as permanent wiring?

  • Are power strips used with the proper application ( not daisy chained or overloaded)?

  • Do all power and extension cords have ground prongs?

  • Are all electrical rooms and mechanical/air handling rooms free of any storage.?

Chemical Safety-Hazcom

  • Are the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) up to date with inventory listed?

  • Do the staff know how to access material Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

  • Are all chemicals properly labeled?

Custodial Services/Housekeeping

  • Are all areas kept clean, orderly and sanitary?

  • Are areas around mop sinks dry and slip free?

  • Are blood borne spill kits provided and accessible?

  • Are cleaning materials properly and is the door to the custodial rooms locked?

  • Are "WARNING" signs placed around wet floor areas?

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