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Access / Egress

1 - Is it safe to park the vehicle on the road/car park?

2 - Where a gate is fitted, is the gate easy to open and close?

3 - Is the pathway from vehicle to the property safe? e.g. lighting, overgrown trees/grass, trip hazards etc. If No, please create an action.

4 - Where pets are present are they restrained and/or non-threatening?

5 - Are verandahs or decks in good repairs and are steps/handrails safe? If No, please create an action

6 - Are doorways clear and free from obstruction and easy to close?

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1 - Are all locks at the property in good working order both external and internal?

2 - Is the lock box outside the property damage free and are the keys secure?

3 - Do the SW's know the codes for the lock box, or know where they can find them?

4 - Are all workers aware of the lock up process when leaving the property?

5 - Is there a visitors register in use?

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Fire & Emergency

1 - Are evacuation diagrams clearly displayed, detailing all exit points?

2 - Are fire extinguishers and fire blankets available and stored in their correct locations free from obstruction?

3 - Is the fire alarm system (where installed) operational?

4 - Are fire exits clearly marked and free of obstructions?

5 - Are exit doors easy to open?

6 - Emergency lighting (where installed) is operational and serviced every 6 months?

7 - Emergency drills are conducted every 6 months?

8 - Is a copy of the emergency procedures readily available?

9 - Where there is an Emergency Control Organisation for the property this should be clearly displayed?

10 - All workers in the building are aware of the emergency procedure for the workplace?

11 - Emergency kit is fully stocked and in date?

9 - Comments:

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First Aid

1 - The first aid kit is clearly marked and accessible?

2 - Are workers aware of the first aid kit location?

3 - A list of first aider's is displayed in close vicinity to the first aid kit?

4 - The first aid kit is clean and contents are in date?

5 - The first aid kit is adequately stocked?

6 - Emergency phone numbers are displayed?

7 - Are workers aware of how to report an incident?

11 - Comments:

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1 - Safety switches installed and tested?

2 - Plugs, sockets and switches are in good condition (check for cracks, signs of burn damage, securely fixed to wall).

3 - Electrical cords in good condition (turn off power to appliance and check for frayed and damaged leads)?

4 - Are leads kept tidy and not a trip hazard?

5 - Are power boards used (no double adaptors)?

6 - Are portable equipment and leads tested and tagged where applicable?

13 - Comments:

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1 - Gas Bottles where applicable are: (all should be ticked for a pass)


1 - Is the temperature suitable for the physicality of the job (20-26°C)

2 - Lighting is installed and operational with adequate means of controlling glare?

3 - Are ventilation/air conditioning systems installed and operational?

4 - Are air conditioning units serviced regularly?

5 - Check the flooring for slip, trip and or spill hazards?

6 - Are all walkways kept clear of obstructions?

7 - Are filing cabinets and draws closed when not in use?

8 - WHS Cabinet is set up according to the work instruction?

9 - Is the work area free of sharp edges or surfaces that could cause injury in the course of routine workplace activity?

10 - Are items stored safely so they are secure and not at risk of falling?

11 - Is the area around photocopiers and printers ventilated?

12 - Is the working environment free of distracting or loud noises )internal and external?

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1 - Position and design of furniture allows aces and correct support?

2 - Space around the bed is sufficient for providing support and takes into consideration access / egress?

3 - Access to shower and or bath is adequate for providing support?

4 - Is the work space both on and under the desk free from clutter?

5 - Have workers been made aware of how to set up their work station?

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Manual Handling

1 - Mechanical lifting aids are available and used where necessary?

2 - Mechanical lifting aids are serviced and the date is displayed on the equipment? Record the date where applicable:

3 - Workers are trained in manual handling who have manual handling duties?

4 - Manual handling risk assessments and safe lift procedures are in place?

5 - Are all heavy items stored at waist height or below?

6 - Are frequently used items stored between knee and shoulder height?

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1 - Hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper are available?

2 - Property is cleaned regularly?

3 - Food preparation areas are clean and hygenic?

4 - Bathrooms are clean and Hygenic?

5 - Is there a system in place for adequate waste disposal?

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Hazardous Substances

1 - All hazardous substances are locked away in WHSO cabinet?

2 - All hazardous substances have a safety data sheets which is in date (5 years from date of issue)

3 - All hazardous substances are correctly labelled?

Information displayed on poisons hotline is present and legible?

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1 - Medication is locked in the WHSO cabinet at the residential property?

2 - Medication is clearly labelled?

3 - Are workers aware of the correct method of disposal of sharps?

4 - Where needles are used is there a sharps container for disposal (usually kept inside the first aid kit)?

5 - Monthly Medication Checks have been carried out?

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1 - Have all workers been inducted into the workplace?

2 - Do all workers have a clear understanding and expectations of their roles?

3 - Do all employees know how to report workplace bullying harassment, violence or other inappropriate behaviour?

4 - staff have the knowledge of how to access EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and are aware of its purpose?

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Client & Communication

1 - Communication book is signed by all relevant staff an comments are appropriate?

2 - Client Authority forms are signed?

3 - Physical space adequate for client/s?

4 - Data stored correctly?

5 - Pictures of client/s achievements are on display?

6 - Staff hold appropriate blue/yellow card during shifts?

7 - Are client/s TIM's available in the residence?

8 - Is there a signed Individual Support Plan (ISP) in place? What date is on this as last reviewed?

9 - ISP - Are goals clear to all?

Which Risk Assessments are necessary for the client/s?

10 - Are all of the Risk Assessments up to date?

11 - Where there is transport protocol, is this up to date?

12 - Client/s activity roster is present?

13 - Is there a housing agreement (contract)?

14 - Is the system in place around expenditure clear and accountable?

15 - Was the SW satisfied that no referrals need to be made?

16 - If Restrictive Practices are in use, are they understood?

17 - Are restricted objects safety secured?

18 - Are healthy food options available?

19 - Client was satisfied and didn't raise any concerns?

20 - Are the staff present, aware of what Positive Behaviour Support means?

21 - Is the SW aware of the Case Management & Planning Policy?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.