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  • Can managers describe Project Genie and what their H&B/BWS targets are?.

  • Can managers describe their store plan and steps they have taken since project launch?.

  • Speak to colleagues- Can they describe what the purpose of the project is and their relevant target?.

  • Speak to colleagues- Do colleagues know the role they have to play in Project Genie?.

  • Have all of the relevant briefings been carried out?.

Set up

  • Are the store following the correct Product protection guidelines?.

  • Are the high value lock ups secure?.

  • Have the H&B/BWS lock up access lists been updated?.

  • Is there visible security POS in H&B/BWS areas?.


  • Are the weekly compliance checklists being completed by department managers?.

  • Review the Weekly Shrink meeting board- is there any evidence of Project Genie discussions and quality next steps in place?.

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