• Community

  • Purchaser(s)

  • Lot #

  • Phone #

  • Closing Date

Operations and Mechanicals

  • Color selections and energy certificate

  • Main water and outside faucet cut off’s

  • Electrical panel, breakers, arc fault and GFCI

  • Water heater, washer/dryer connections

  • Fireplace damper, log lighter, outside air

  • Furnace, filters, thermostats

  • Condensation drain

  • Smoke detectors

  • Windows and door operation - screens

  • Attic access stairs and panels

  • Appliance, gas and water cut off’s/valves


  • Driveway, sidewalk concrete

  • Foundation drains

  • Landscaping, drainage

  • Gas, water, electric meters

Winter Conditions

  • Outside faucet cut off’s

  • Maintain heat

  • Threshold adjustments

Potential Minor Issues

  • Nail pops

  • Caulk shrinkage

  • Ground settlement

  • Cracks in concrete

Warranty Procedures

  • Emergency service sticker

  • Written list only (online, email best)

  • Warranty handbook

  • Appliance warranties

I understand that this is the only list that will be excepted by smith Douglas homes. Only items written on this list will be addressed-no verbal agreements will be recognized. No cosmetic items will be considered after closing. Items checked above have been discussed

  • Confirm that the above statement has been read and understood by the homeowner(s)

  • Builder/Representative

  • Purchaser

  • Purchaser

  • Walk-Thru Items to be Corrected

  • Punch List
  • Item to be Corrected

  • Add media

Do not sign this agreement until all listed items have been addressed.

  • Confirm all walk-through items to be corrected have been completed

  • Builder/Representative

  • Purchaser

  • Purchaser

  • Construction Area Manager

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