Front Layout
Security Technology

Card Access in use? / What System?

Panic Alarms in Use? What System? Where do they Report to?

What is Panic Alarm Testing Frequency?

Security Alarm system in use? What system if yes?

General Security questions

Are there CCTV Cameras on site?

What CCTV System?

How Many doors to the Exterior?

How many entrances are unlocked at a time zone?

What is required to lock the opened doors? (example front Door during unlock hours)

Is Behavioral Health on Site

Are Narcotics Keep on Site?

Is there a Pharmacy on site?

Any High Security Incidents in the Last Year?

Money Storage

Is Money Keep on Site?

Is Money Keep over Night?

Is there a Safe on Site?

Active shooter

Is there a separation from the registration area/waiting to back area?

Is there locking hardware on the doors?

Is There Lock Down Buttons in Place? If Yes Locations?

Is there a Designated Safe Area? Where?

Documentation /Drills

Are Security Alert Code Green Drills Conducted on Site? Last one

Is Security Alert Code Green Policy up to Date?

Staff knowledge

Are Staff Aware of Active Shooter Plan and Location?

Are Staff Aware of who to call when they have a combative patient?

Are staff aware of where to complete Security Incident Report?

General Notes

Summary Notes:

Summary Photos
End Of Assessment
Security Rep
Building Manager Supervisor or Rep
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