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Fire Precautions

  • 1. Are all exits clear and unobstructed?

  • 1a. Have exits been cleared and have employees and manager been briefed?

  • Has this been resolved? If not - Non Compliant

  • 2. Are all extinguishers clear and unobstructed, in good condition and unused?

  • 3. Are all call points clear, unobstructed and undamaged?

  • 4. Is all emergency lighting working?

  • 5. Are all breakpoints in place and undamaged?

  • 6. Are all detectors/sensors working and uncovered?

  • 7. Has the weekly alarm check been conducted?

  • 8. Are all unnecessary combustibles removed from the area (bins not overflowing etc.)?

First Aid

  • 1. Are all first aid boxes/burns kits intact and available?

  • 2. Are all eyewashes in place and in date?

  • 3. Are there sufficient first aiders on shift? (Minimum 1 per 50 people on site)

  • 4. Is the first aid room fully stocked, clean and with all the relevant documentation available?

Machinery/Equipment Safety

  • 1. Has all relevant, in use machinery been submitted to a pre start-up check?

  • 2. Are all emergency stops in good order, accessible and working (a selection will be tested)?

  • 3. Are machinery interlocks in good order and working correctly (a selection will be tested)?

  • 4. Are wires, cables, leads in good order and secured?

  • 5. Are sockets, plugs, fuse boxes and/or other electrical components intact and secure from water/dust ingress?

  • 6. Are all relevant moving parts properly protected and signed where required?

  • 7. Are control panels secured, accessible, suitably Ingress Protected (IP rated) and with all seals in good order?

  • 8. Are all mezzanines, access gantries in good order, clear, and with all plates, grills, barriers in place and secure?


  • 1. Are all employees wearing the correct PPE, correctly? (Hi-Vis, Wellingtons, Boots, Hearing Protection, Cut resistant gloves, etc.)?

  • 2. Are PPE requirements suitably signed and easily understood?

Chemical Management

  • 1. Are all chemicals in the factory properly stored, bunded and secured?

  • 2. Are all chemicals being used as they should?

  • 3. Is all signage in place and correct?

  • 4. Are all external chemicals properly stored, bunded and secured?

  • 5. Are all Hygiene chemicals properly stored, labelled and with MSDS sheets available?

General H&S Requirements

  • 1. Is area clean & tidy with equipment, stock, packing stored correctly

  • 2. Is correct manual handling being observed, lifting, lowering, carrying?

  • 3. Is correct access to equipment for hygiene, maintenance and loading of lines available and in good condition?

  • 4. Are spill kits in correct locations and intact/unused?

  • 5. Are floors in good condition and free from damage and/or slip/trip hazards?

  • 6. Are all walkways clear and unobstructed?

  • 7. Is lighting in good order and providing suitable illumination?

  • 8. Are all ladders, platforms, steps etc. in good condition and properly used/stored?

Warehouse - Logistics

  • 1. Have all FLT’s/EPT’s been subjected to prestart-up checks and free from hazards?

  • 2. Is all racking/shelving in good order and free from excessive damage?

  • 3. Are all pallets, stock, trays etc. stacked safely and secured where required?

  • 4. Are FLT/EPT drivers manoeuvring safely and observing speed limits, pedestrian etiquette?

  • 5. Are all delivery, collection drivers wearing suitable PPE and being monitored correctly by their NWF contact where applicable?

Engineering - Contractors

  • 1. Is engineering workshop clean, tidy and organised?

  • 2. Is engineering yard clear and tidy with all factory fire exits, walkways unobstructed?

  • 3. Are all power tools, fixed tools and portable tools suitably guarded where required?

  • 4. Are all tools serviced, tested etc. as required and can evidence be seen?

  • 5. Are gas bottles secured and properly labelled?

  • 6. Are oils, lubricants and other chemicals properly stored, labelled and with MSDS sheets available?

  • 7. Are all Contractors signed in and do they have the relevant permits?

  • 8. Are all RAMS/Induction records available upon request from the Engineering department if requested?

  • 9. Are all Contractors following site rules with regard to Working At Height, Hot works (welding), Smoking, Eating/Drinking, PPE requirements etc.?


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