• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Select date

  • Facility name:

  • Facility current operation:


  • Name:

  • Picture of person as you walk up to them

  • Title:

  • Number of years on the job? SSE? Name of Mentor?

  • Job at hand when walking up to person

  • Location of interview on facility

Current PPE

  • Hardhat, steel toes, safety glasses

  • Ear plugs

  • Gloves

  • Face shield

  • Apron

  • Other PPE

Job task when you walked up to personnel (Section 3. JSA)

  • Did s/he stop the job and make it safe to talk to you? (Picture)

  • Is there a JSA Onsite for the job?

  • Is the JSA complete with hazard mitigation, does it match the job at hand?

  • Have all parties involved with the job signed the JSA?

  • Describe "Stop the Job"

Section 1. General Provisions

  • Describe SEMS?

  • Where are the SEMS documents kept on the facility?

  • Who enforces SEMS?

Section 2. Safety and Environmental Information

  • What is the color code system for the Piping on your facility?

  • Describe the waste handling of your facility

  • Tell me about your facility's safety oberservation program

Section 3. Hazard Analysis

  • Tell me about some of the safety signs that are posted around your facility

  • Describe the information found on a MSDS sheet and where are they located

Section 4. Management of Change

  • Describe an MOC?

  • Give me an example of when you would use a Management of Change.

Section 5. Operating Procedures

  • Tell me about an ESD

  • Tell me about a permit to work.

  • Where are you written work procedures stored

Section 6. Safe Work Practices

  • Are you currently operating under a bridging document?

  • Name an item that is on your bridging document.

  • What would you do if you find yourself with two conflicting safety rules?

  • How are your risks labeled around the platforms?

Section 7. Training

  • Describe a lock out / tag out

  • Tell about rigger training and when was the last time you attended?

  • What safe work practices trainings have you attended?

  • Are you on the fire team? When was your last training session? What information was covered?

  • Are you first aid trained, can you use an AED?

Section 8. Mechanical Integrity

  • Tell me about the maintenance of the facility's equipment

Section 9. Per-Startup Review

  • What information is available if you come across a lock out / tag out?

  • Tell me about the pre start up checks before you start a piece of equipment?

Section 10. Emergency Response and Control

  • Describe the facility's alarms

  • Do you have any roles during emergencies? What are they?

  • Describe:

  • Where is your muster point?

  • How do you show accountability at the muster point?

  • When and what was the last drill you were involved in?

  • How is a man overboard handled?

Section 11. Investigate of Incidents

  • After an incident who does the investigation for this facility?

  • Describe root cause analysis?

Section 12. Audits

  • What is the importance of reviewing your safety plan at regular intervals?

  • Name some typical inspections and audits that happen on your facility.

Section 13. Records and Documents

  • What is the typical length of time you must keep a document onboard your facility? (6years)

  • After the job is complete where is the JSA stored?

Complete the interview

  • Hand the interviewee a business card, inform them of our open door policy, and thank them for their time.

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