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  • Location
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  • Are the auditors wearing proper Personal protective equipment to proceed with the audit?

ROV hanger

  • Are the workers wearing proper personal protective equipment for the task at hand?

  • Any trip hazards in the area?

  • Is fire safety equipment in the area, posted and not blocked by tools or equipment?

  • Are hand tools in good repair and properly stored?

  • Any trash in the area, overflowing, or uncollected?

  • Are chemicals stored properly?

  • Are there any working at height issues in the area?

  • Are handrails in place and properly stored when not in use?

  • Ae there any items currently locked out or tagged out?

Trolley Room

  • Is trolley locked into position and charger plugged in? Any signs of electrical hazards?

  • All items stored in trolls room tied off and seafastened?

  • No signs of trip hazards or slip hazards?


  • Is carousel in use? Are the proper barriers up while in use? Has there been announcements that the unit will be working?

  • Is the carousel looked down with steel chocks in three places and the use of straps?

  • Is there anything under the carousel behind the wheels, entry for this inspection is from under the deck.

  • Are all items on carousel secured down and seafastened?

  • Are there clear paths around all loads?

  • Are the any trip hazards that can be mitigated?

  • Are there any items hanging outside the handrails/ barriers of the carousel?

  • Are all handrails and barriers in place the prevent falls?

  • Are there any spills or standing water on deck around the carousel that could cause a fall?

Aft deck

  • Any trip, slip fall hazards on deck? Have they been cautioned off or coned off?

  • Are all items on deck seafastened?

  • Are all rigging stored properly off the deck and preferably out of the direct sunlight?

  • Forklift stored with brake on and chocks in place?

  • All ropes stored off deck if possible?

  • No trash in any baskets?

  • No loose items on deck that could blow away?

  • No trash or left over cups left on break table?

  • All seafastenings are labeled with caution tape ( that are trip hazards)

  • Are chemicals stored properly?

  • All hands wearing properly fitting PPE for the job at hand?

  • All hands wearing knives have proper training?

  • All hands PPE in good repair and serviceable?

  • All trash bags on deck are tied off between uses?

  • Gas bottles are stored under mez deck with safety caps in place?

  • Billy Pugh clean and stored with cover in place?

  • All cargo boxes stored with doors closed?

  • Rigging certificates up to date on equipment on deck?


  • Countertops clear of debris

  • Chemicals properly stored

  • Appropriate safety signs posted in room at equipment

  • Fire extinguisher in place and servicable

  • First aid equipment easily available

  • No accumulation of trash in the area

  • All electrical equipment in good repair

Coffee Shop

  • Water stocked in refrigerator

  • Signage kept current

  • On tour safety meeting available for signature?

  • No accumulation on trash in room?

  • Auditor

  • Auditor

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