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  • Crane Manufacturer: Sennebogen
    Crane Model: 6180 HMC
    Crane Serial Number: 6180.0.107

Visual Inspections

  • Visual Inspection: Main Engine Oil

  • Visual Inspection: Main Engine Coolant Level

  • Visual Inspection: Aux Engine Oil

  • Visual Inspection: Aux Engine Coolant Level

  • Visual Inspection: Hydraulic Oil Tank Level

  • Visual Inspection: Fuel Levels

  • Visual Inspection: Engine Compartment (for hydraulic leaks)

  • Visual Inspection: Hoist Rope (for damage)

  • Visual Inspection: Slew Pin Engaged

  • Visual Inspection: Boom Pins Secure

  • Visual Inspection: Hook Block Anchor

  • Visual Inspection: Warning Light Inside Cab

  • Visual Inspection: Tyres (damage, wear and tear and stuck objects between wheels)

  • Visual Inspection: Hydraulic Hoses on Chassis (evidence of leaks and or damage)

Function Tests

  • Function Test: Lights

  • Function Test: Windscreen Wipers and Reservoir

  • Function Test: Lights Inside Cab

  • Function Test: Anti-Two-Block (cut of switch)

  • Function Test: Slew Brake

Defects Log

  • Detailed defects description(s)

  • Action Taken

  • Team Leader Sign Off

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