Title Page

  • Engineer name

  • Ses store name / Store number

  • WO NO / Task ID

  • Conducted on

  • If any faults/damage is found please provide the following information, asset/make/model/serial number and photos.

Engineer check list

  • Has engineer signed in / out?

  • Is the engineer wearing the correct PPE.

  • Is all refrigeration equipment asset tagged?

Risk assessment and method statement.

  • Are you aware of the risk assessment and method statement? Found in ibooks.

Space - R11 Ice Machine

  • Has the ice machine been cleaned internally/externally? (Please add photos)

  • Has the condenser been cleaned internally and externally?

  • Are all external panel filters front and side been cleaned?

  • Are all drain pipes clean, clear and flowing freely?

  • Has HB-30 been run through the system (every 12 months)

  • Has the filter & scalestick been changed?

Shop Floor fabric issues.

  • Are all door seals free from damage?

  • Are all doors closing correctly?

  • Are All bumper bars positioned correctly and free of damage?

  • Are All honeycombs positioned correctly and free of damage?

  • Are All dividers and risers positioned correctly and free from damage?

  • Are all kick plates positioned correctly and free from damage?


  • Any other outstanding issues?

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