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  • Select appropriate resources, data services, and geographic tools to interpret information.

  • Apply location, direction, size, and/or shape to maps.

  • Identify characteristics of various locations, places, and regions.

  • Identify population distribution, growth rates, and characteristics of human populations.

  • Identify natural environmental changes that impact regions and settlement patterns.

  • Identify how humans impact and are affected by the natural environment.

  • Describe the impact of the natural environment on settlement patterns.

  • Identify how humans migrate.


  • Describe how government impacts the characteristics of a place.

  • Identify historical events that impacted individual governments.

  • Describe how citizens impact social and political issues.


  • Explain how the availability of resources provide for challenges or human activity.

  • Describe how economic activity affects standard of living.

  • Describe the role of trade barriers and agreements in the global economy.

  • Describe how technology affects the economic development of places and regions.

  • Describe the relationship between government and economic systems in different countries.

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