• SWMS are being filled in each day and all staff are signing on?

  • OH & S Forms available to report near misses, issues, incidents and hazards?

  • MSDS's are available and accessible to all staff?

  • Regular " TOOL BOX " Meetings are being held and minutes and attendances are recorded and available to staff on site?

  • MOC's are on site and are being used to locate and avoid striking other authorities services?


  • Housekeeping and layout of CAMP SITE is in Satisfactory and Safe condition?

  • Barricades, Signage and Fencing is in place and secure?

  • Are ROAD PLATES securely pinned in place on the Road Surface?

  • Hazardous substances are stored safely?

  • Shields / Shoring are being used in excavations deeper than 1.5m?

  • Correct Lifting Techniques are being followed, weight restrictions are being adhered to?

  • Correct Fall Protection devices are being used when working at heights?

  • Correct equipment/procedure is being used when working in confined space?

  • Spotters / Dogmen are part of work crew when required?

  • Traffic Management is being utilised if required?

  • Ensure all known Existing Services have been located prior to commencement of works?

  • Minimum clearances are being maintained as per standards if achievable?

  • Pipe alignment is being installed as per approved construction drawings?

  • Correct procedures are being followed when removing AC if applicable?

  • Ensure " EARTH STAKE " is installed as per Pipe Cracking Machine Manufacture's specifications?

  • Are all known Existing Services exposed prior to pipe installation?


  • Electrical equipment are tagged and tested and within test date timeframe?

  • PLANT and EQUIPMENT are in good working condition and log books are being filled in as required?

  • SPILL KIT on site and accessible to all staff?

  • FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT on site and within regular service date?

  • FIRST AID KIT is on site and accessible to all staff?

  • FLASH LIGHTS are in good working condition and installed in appropriate locations on site if required?


  • All staff have been INDUCTED on site and listed on Site register, before commencing work?

  • Correct PPE is being worn/used and is available to all staff?

  • Staff have relevant cards/tickets for the works being undertaken?

  • QUALIFIED FIRST AID Staff member available on site?

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