Field Management Operations Audit


1. Answer all the questions provided below.
2. Add photos and notes by clicking on the paperclip icon, if applicable.
3. To add a Corrective Action click on the paperclip icon then "Add Action", provide a description, assign to a member, set priority and due date. (Please include the Next Steps, Name of Person and When will the action take place.)
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E1 : Store Surround : Is there clear evidence that the store surrounds have been cleaned in the last 48 hours ?

E2 : Fascia & Imagery : Is the store fascia, windows and imagery clean and undamaged ?

E3 : Litter Bin : Does the store have an external litter bin that is regularly emptied ?

E4 : Baskets & Trolleys : Are baskets and trolleys available, clean and undamaged ?

E5 : Floor Hygiene : Is there evidence that the floor has been cleaned in the last 48 hours ?

E6 : Lighting : Is in store lighting maintained ?

E7 : Chillers & Freezers : Are chillers operating to temperature and cleanliness maintained ?

E8 : Ambient Shelving : Is there evidence of shelf cleaning ?

E9 : Toilets : Does the toilet have hot water, soap and hygienic drying facility ?

E10 : Staff Area : Have the staff got a facility to take a break and have a hot drink ?


P1 : Central Billing supply : Is the store using the agreed supplier for bread/milk/frozen/sandwiches and produce ?

P2 : Promotional implementation : Does the in store promotional space match guidelines ?

P3 : Core Range : Is the Core Range available?

P4 : Local Suppliers : Are all local suppliers approved & paid centrally?

P5 : Promotions : Are staff aware of the latest promotions?

P6 : Availability of staples : Are all of these core lines available, 800g white and brown bread,2L/4pt milk,6 eggs,1kg sugar ?

P7 : On the Go : Is there evidence of a day part menu in use in store ?

P8 : Local range : Is there evidence of local ranging ?

P9 : ATM & Cashback : Is the ATM working and/or cashback facility available ?

P10 :E Pay services : Are the E Pay services working ?


B1 : Staff record cards : Does each staff member have an up to date and complete personnel file ( see appendix 1)?

B2 : Essentials training toolkit : Does the store have the relevant training kit ?

B3 : Customer service training : Are all customers delivering excellent customer service ?

B4 : 12 month training plan : Is the 12 month training plan up to date and displayed on the staff comms notice board?

B5 : Underage sales : Is the refusals book up to date and being used ?

B6 : Fire procedures : Ask a member of staff where the fire assembly point is and that they are correct ?

B7 : Food Hygiene : Have all food service staff got a basic food hygiene certificate displayed in store ?

B8 : Store Daily/Weekly walk : Is the daily/weekly walk being completed by the store manager?

B9 : Legal & Compliant : Is the store following minimum legal requirements?

B10 : Observe customer service : On the counter do the staff greet, smile, make eye contact and say thank you when serving ?


C1 : Statutory signage : Are all legal statutory notices displayed (see appendix 2) ?

C2 : Staff uniform : Are all staff wearing branded uniform ?

C3 : Staff name badge : Are all staff wearing branded name badge ?

C4 : Staff communication board : Is the staff comms board laid out correctly and up to date (see appendix 3)?

C5 : Community notice board : Is the community notice board in use ?

C6 : Use of POS : Is the current up to date promotional POS pack in use ?

C7 : Opening hours : Are the store opening hours displayed and visible to customers from outside the store ?

C8 : Promotional posters : Are the posters for the current promotional period on display ?

C9 : Imagery : Has the imagery installed in the store been maintained as per initial installation ?

C10 : Think 25 : Is the Think 25 policy clearly visible to customers ?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.