• Shire of Broome - Public Building Risk Assessment Report

  • Premises / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location/Address
  • Personnel

Items marked as Yes for compliant, No for non-compliant

Certification and Documentation

  • Certificate of approval prominently displayed?

  • No. Of persons at time of inspection

  • Exit sign log book

  • Emergency Lighting Book

  • Air handling system maintenance (AS 1668.2)

  • Enter details

Enter details

  • Evacuation plan - Current

General Provisions and Maintenance

  • Modification of Building since last assessment

  • Change of use from approval

  • Enter details

  • Stage curtains fire retardant (if applicable)

  • Handrails and balustrades compliance

  • Exterior building condition satisfactory

  • Interior building condition satisfactory

  • Enter details

  • Equipment storage satisfactory

  • Refuse disposal/storage satisfactory

Exit and Egress

  • Exit doors easily opened

  • Approved latches/locks

  • Exit paths unobstructed

  • Exit to open space

  • No escape signs where required

  • Exit signs all laminated


  • Fixed seating secured to floor or fastened in groups (=<4 seats)

  • Rows of 10-42 seats

  • Aisles on both sides and of seat rows

  • Aisles clear to exits/uniform width

Steps and Landings

  • Raised areas/tiered seating (enclosing wall/ground)

  • Hand rails and balustrades compliance

  • Step treads (280mm W x 180mm H)

Large licensed Premises

  • No. Counting system (installation/operation)

  • Moveable items (other than chairs) "PEN" identification


  • Adequate illumination

  • Switch protection from public (if applicable)

  • Emergency lighting

  • Switchboard correctly labeled

  • Power cables/cards inaccessible to public

Fire Prevention and Control

  • Fire extinguishers in service

  • Fire hose reels in service

  • Fire blanket available in kitchen (if applicable)

  • Smoke control devices


  • Fans - Fixed/Guarded

  • Fans - Ceiling 2.4m above floor

  • Heaters -2.1m off floor

  • Heaters - 600mm from combustible roof

  • Temperature protection (oil/fuel/electrical fan type)

Sanitary Facilities/General

  • Facilities in good repair/clean

  • Gender Signage provided

  • Adequate lighting/illumination

  • Sanitary disposal available to female facilities

  • All facilities accessible

  • Kitchen (construction/cleanliness)

Temporary Public Building

  • Approval obtained/fees paid

  • Tents/marquees (temporary structures) compliance

  • Structural Engineers/Electrical compliance

  • Certificate


  • Further Action?

  • Reinspection?

  • Letter?

  • Order/Notice

  • Amendment Notice

  • Reinspection Date

  • Please attune to any outstanding items by the due date. For enquiries please contact the officer on the number below.

  • I have read and understand the contents of this assessment. Signature of proprietor/staff.

  • Officer Signature

  • Environmental Health Officer contact - 9191 3456

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