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  • Location
  • Manager:

  • Shift Supervisor:

  • Safety Rep:

  • Safety Rep:

  • Visitor:

  • Vehicle Reg:

  • Area Audited:

Work Area

  • Yard lighting ( natural and artificial ) is good

  • External loading bay lighting is good

  • Traffic light system on loading docks is functioning

  • Adverse weather clothing is available

  • Yard surface is in as good a condition as practicable

  • Safety demarcation is clear

  • Yard speed limits are observed

  • High visibility clothing is worn

  • All jobs have a safe system of work displayed

  • Specified personal protective equipment is worn


  • Vehicle lights are working correctly

  • Wipers and washers are functioning

  • Mirrors are in place and undamaged

  • Reversing beepers function

  • Amber flashing beacon is working

  • Clamps operate correctly

  • Tyres are fit for purpose

  • There are steps and hand rail access to the cab

  • Cab is kept clean and tidy


  • Current safe system of work is displayed

  • Vehicle daily checks are carried out


  • All employees are trained for the tasks they perform

  • Employees are working to the safe system of work

First Aid

  • First aid box / room is adequately stocked

  • All employes know their first aiders


  • All persons know the fire evacuation procedure

  • Directional "Fire exit signs are visible where required

  • Fire extinguishers are correctly positioned

  • Fire extinguishers are full undamaged clean and in test


  • Contractors working in the area are approved

  • Horseplay is prohibited

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