Site Set-Up

Have all engineers signed in with the client?

Have site inductions taken place and been recorded?

Is a permit to work required, has this been filled out and approved by the client?

Has the site set-up been agreed with the client? (Including access and egress, working area, position of plant, equipment and materials, waste area and working hours)

Is the site segregated using a physical barrier from access to unauthorised persons?

Does the site set-up reflect the site plan?

Working Environment

Is good housekeeping maintained and waste regularly removed from the area?

Is the working area free of slip/trip hazards?

Is the temperature in the working area comfortable?

Are weather conditions considered suitable for the works being carried out?

Is the environment free of excessive noise?

Is the environment dust and/or fume free?

Site Welfare

Is drinking water available on site?

Are washing facilities available on site which are clean and well maintained?

Are sufficient toilet facilities available on site which are clean and well maintained?

Is there an eating area provided on site for break and dinner times ?

First Aid

Is there a trained and competent Siphonic Solutions first aider on site?

Are suitable and sufficient first aid supplies provided by Siphonic Solutions and available on site?

Do engineers know how to report a first aid incident?


Do all engineers know what action to take in the event of a fire or fire alarm activation?

Are escape routes clear of obstructions and emergency exits not blocked?

Do engineers have access to fire extinguishing media?


Do all substances on site have suitable and sufficient COSHH assessments available?

Do all substances on site have the relevant MSDS available?

Are COSHH assessments and MSDS being followed?

Are engineers trained and competent to use COSHH items on site?

Are COSHH items on site being used correctly?

PPE and Uniform

Are all engineers in full uniform provided by Siphonic Solutions?

Is the correct PPE provided as per the risk assessment/method statement?

Are all persons required to use PPE trained and competent in its use?

Is PPE being used correctly where required?

Risk Assessment / Method Statement

Has a risk assessment been carried out for all tasks on site?

Is the risk assessment being followed?

Has a method statement been carried out for all tasks on site?

Is the method statement being followed?

Is the generic risk assessment and method statement reviewed on site to identify site specific hazards?

Safety Equipment

Do all engineers have suitable and sufficient safety equipment required for the task?

Does all safety equipment have a Nano tag and holder attached detailing the asset ID number and next inspection date? (Please detail asset number, re-inspection date nd engineer name for each piece of safety equipment)

Is all safety equipment logged on the Safety equipment log?

Is all safety equipment in date and inspected?

Are suitable and sufficient pre-checks carried out and documented on safety equipment before use? (Ask the engineer to carry out a demonstration of a pre-use check)

Access Equipment

What type of access equipment is being use on site?

Are all engineers on site trained and competent to use the access equipment provided?

Is the access equipment positioned correctly?

Is the access equipment segregated to deny access to unauthorised persons?

Is there documented service and maintenance records for the access equipment on site?

Has a pre-use check been carried out on the access equipment and documented?

Is the access equipment being used safely in compliance with training and manufacturers instructions?

Working at Height

Are all engineers trained and competent in working at height?

Have all engineers completed a Health and Medical questionnaire detailing any conditions which may affect their ability to work at height?

Are skylight protection panels being used where required?

Is there an in date safety line system present on site / have safe alternatives been implemented? (Insert expiry date of safety line system)

Have the engineers on site carried out a suitable and sufficient pre-use check of the safety line system? (Ask the engineer to carry out a demonstration of a pre-use check)

Are engineers attached to the safety line system at all times?

Is adequate edge protection provided on open edges?

Work Equipment and Tools

Are all equipment and tools necessary to carry out the task provided?

Have engineers carried out a pre-use check on the equipment and tools they are using for the task and declared them fit for use? (Ask the engineer to carry out a demonstration of a pre-use check)

Are all equipment and tools serviced and maintained on a regular basis?

Is all portable electrical equipment in good condition, portable appliance tested (PAT) and labelled?

Are safe working methods in place for tools and equipment which produce high levels of vibration or noise? (Noise above 80db for daily exposure / 135db for peak exposure) (Vibration 2.5m/s2 / 100 points where precautionary methods need to be put in place / 5mm/s2 / 400 points per day maximum)

Can all work equipment, tools and materials be transported to and from the working area safely?

Vehicle and Contents

Does the vehicle have the following equipment: 1 x Anemometer,1 x Fully Stocked First Aid Kit,1 x Powder Fire Extinguisher, 1 x Box Nitrile Gloves, 1 x Box FFP3 Respirators, 2 x Type 5/6 Coverall?

Has a vehicle checklist been completed and submitted by the assigned user?

Is the vehicle clean, tidy and in good general condition?

Previous Audits

Have all outstanding actions from previous audits been completed?

Has the audit score improved since the previous audit?

Additional Comments

Audit Sign off

Doncaster Maintenance Site Supervisor Signature
Auditor Signature
Date and Time of Audit completion
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.