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  • Site Audited

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Has the area been cordoned off?

  • Have required warning signs been put up?

  • Is the area sufficiently lit?


  • Is there a complete method statement and risk assessment?

  • Is it signed by all operators?

  • Observe the job. is it being carried out in line with the method statement?

  • Explain what is not being carried out in line with the method statement. and upload your findings onto the Activ improvement log.

  • is there any hazards or risks not identified on the method statement?

  • has the correct PPE been identified on the method statement?

  • Are all operators being compliant in wearing correct PPE at all times?

  • Is there a health and safety plan on site? (PSCS)

  • Is it signed by all operatives?

  • Observe the job. Is it being carried out in line with the plan?

  • Explain why it is not being carried out in line with the plan and upload all findings onto Activ improvement log.

  • Is permit to work required?

  • Specify permits required in the comment section.

  • Have the Permits been completed as required and approved?

  • Is the work being carried out in line with the permit requirements?

  • Explain why work is not in line with permit requirements and upload your findings onto Activ improvement log.



  • Has the vehicle up to date TAX, CVRT, and insurance dis displayed?

  • Has the driver an appropriate driving license for the vehicle ( Trailers included)?

  • Has the vehicle daily walk about checklist been completed?

  • Has the vehicle a reversing warning alarm ?

  • Does the vehicle seem to be in good working condition and clean and presentable?


  • Is there a copy of the statutory thorough examination (GA1)?

  • Has a daily walk-about check been completed?

  • Has a weekly (GA2) walkabout check been completed?

  • is the operative certified to operate the equipment?


  • Portable electric equipment is all 110V ?

  • Are all trailing leads in such a way as to prevent trip hazards?

  • are all leads and electrical equipment PA tested?

  • Is all electrical equipment clear of water?


  • Do all Air leads have a clear path to the operator?

  • Is the Air volumes being observed correctly?

  • Are Air tanks being switched over in good time?

  • Is all BA gear in good condition?

  • is all BA equipment certified?



  • Is working at height equipment (MEWP, Teleporter, etc) in use?

  • is the area free of overhead hazards?

  • is the ground clear and free from obstacles?

  • Are all operatives using harnesses?

  • Is all working at height equipment (harnesses, lanyards, etc) certified?

  • Are ladders being used?

  • Are the ladders certified?

  • is the ladder appropriate for the task being carried out?

  • is the ladder properly footed?

  • is the inclination approx 1:4 ratio?

  • is the task of short duration?

  • is the operative able to maintain 3 points of contact?


  • Are the operatives involved in CSE certified in CSE?

  • Has a confined space permit been completed?

  • Was the gas monitor checked before entry and during the duration of the works?

  • Is the gas monitor calibrated?

  • Is there a rescue system in place?

  • Is all CSE equipment Certified ?


  • Has a barrier or fall protection been provided to prevent falling into open water/sludge/liquid?

  • Have life vests been provided if required?

  • Are life vests certified?

  • Is there a rescue plan in place?


  • Has a SSWP form been completed?

  • Are the operators trained in sign, light, and guarding including the Driver?

  • Is traffic management equipment laid out in accordance with the traffic management plan?

  • Are safety zones kept clear of people, equipment, and vehicles?


  • Are chemicals appropriately stored and bunded including chemicals within the company vehicles?

  • Are SDS's Available for chemicals being used?

  • Is the appropriate PPE available for the chemicals being used?

  • are all operatives wearing the correct PPE for the chemicals being used?

  • Are drip trays available for refuelling activities?


  • Have the controls been identified and implemented for the lone worker?


  • Are mechanical aids used where feasible?

  • Observe manual handling activities. are the principles of manual handling being observed?


  • what is the recorded noise level?

  • if above 80dBA is hearing protection provided?

  • if above 85dBA is hearing protection worn?


  • Are there any other hazards, or risks on site?

  • What are the hazards identified? explain and also upload onto Activ improvement log.

  • are these controlled?


  • Is there fire fighting equipment readily available in all AQS vehicles?

  • Are all extinguishers, and fire blankets in date and inspected?

  • Have operators been informed of the emergency response procedures for this site?

  • Is there a first aid kit available in all AQS vehicles?

  • are the first aid kits fully stocked?

  • Is there a first aider on site and known to the operators?


  • Have the operators made contact with the customer on site?

  • Have there been any complaints, comments, or issues from the client?

  • Are the works compliant with EPA Advice note 10 and IW Guidelines?

  • Are all operatives wearing AQS-issued company workwear? is it in good condition?

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