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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Audit details

  • Site

  • Inspected by:

  • Date/Time:

  • Sub-contractor/BRS

  • Address:

Personnel on-site

  • PPE being used as required by task, fit for purpose and where applicable, within expiry date range? (Hard-hat, Hi-Viz safety vest, safety boots, gloves, ear plugs or earmuffs, safety glasses, long/long compliance, fire rated overalls, respirator and face-shield).

  • SWMS and Insurances provided for all Sub Contractors onsite

  • Have you stopped works/ access until rectified?

  • is a copy of the signed SWMS onsite with all workers signatures?

  • Are all required Sub Contractors onsite and have correct materials to complete set works today?

  • Are all sub contractors inducted and participated in the site toolbox for daily site specific updates and work schedules?

  • Have task hazards been adequately identified, controlled and recorded on the SWMS for the specific works conducted by the subcontractors? Detail.

  • Have visitors signed onto the Sign in Sheet?

General Site

  • Have working at height risks been identified and controls implemented including safe drop zones? Detail what has been done.

  • Is Traffic Management required? Is it adequate/suitable? – Does it comply with TMP on site?

  • If there is a TMP in place, is there a STMS on site?

  • Is the workplace clean and tidy?

  • Have slips, trips and fall hazards been controlled? Detail what has been done.

  • Is clean water available for washing or flushing?

Work Practices

  • Are staff focused on task at hand?

  • Is there a JA/JSA/SWMS for the task identified on the Job Start? Record title/No

  • Do staff have an understanding of the risks on their work site and what controls are required?

  • Are hazardous substances (fuels, spray paint, isopropyl safely and securely stowed? Detail


  • Have prestart checks been completed for any plant or equipment? Detail

  • Are compressors being used? Spill kit with compressor? Are whip checks fitted?

  • Are WOF, RUC’s and Registration current?

  • Are tyres free of damage and tread depth meets NZTA requirements?

  • Are vehicle windows free of chips or cracks?

  • Are harnesses within 10 years of manufacture date and compliance tagged within last 6 months? <br>Date of Manufacture:<br>Date of expiry:

  • Are Ladders fit for purpose and inspection tagged? Expiry Date:

  • Have electrical leads, RCD’s and power tools been tested and tagged within the last 6 months? Expiry date:


  • Is fire extinguisher accessible and indicator is in the green zone? <br>Where is it located?<br>Are there identifying stickers on van?

  • Is there a first aid kit available? Are contents within expiry dates? <br>Where is it located?<br>Are there identifying stickers on van?

  • Are SDS’s available? Are hard copy SDS’s within 5 years of issue date?

  • Is there an agreed incident management procedure in place? Detail

Corrective Action / Observation / Recommendation Table

  • Observations

  • Corrective actions

  • Recommendations

  • Positives

All corrective actions are appropriate and have been completed

  • Auditor name:

  • Date/Time:

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