Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Image


  • Site Access - is site access safe and easily accessible in the vent of an emergency

  • Access details - Is address easily recognisable upon arrival

  • Location of water isolation valve

  • Location of mains gas isolation valve

  • Location of gas valve for each apartment

  • Location of electrical meter cupboards

  • Is the Main Switch accessible in an emergency?

  • Location of fire escapes

  • Security Alarm (Back to base) present

  • Asbestos

  • Labelled correctly

  • Are risks present to maintain the essential services?

  • Lifts

  • Location

  • Quantity

  • Auto-dialer

  • Emergency signage present on lifts ?

  • Gates

  • Location

  • Quantity

  • Override arrangements in an emergency/ Access and egress

  • Safe Roof Access

Lightning Conductors

  • Present

  • Location

Fire Safety

  • Fire safety

Fire safety throughout

  • Fire panel

  • Does the property have emergency lighting

  • Is there an Emergency Lighting test switch

  • Smoke Vents

  • How Many are present

  • When were they last serviced

  • Fire extinguishers

  • When were they last serviced

  • Is there adequate coverage

  • Recommendations of qty, type and size required for compliance

  • Hose reels

  • Quantity

  • Date last serviced

  • what is the condition of the Fire Hose Reel/s

  • Upload photos of each Asset

  • Sprinklers onsite

  • Fire Blankets

  • Quantity

  • Location

  • Last Test Date

  • Size and position Suitable for the area (location in kitchen etc)

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

  • Are there Emergency Evacuation Diagrams on site

  • Is all the required equipment identified on the Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • What is the expiry date of the current diagrams

  • Do diagrams require changes/updates

  • Are Evac Doors, Passageways and Hardware Compliant if built post 2010 BCA?


  • Is the Main Switchboard easily accessible in the event of an emergency

  • Overall Switchboard Condition including signage, access and neatness

  • Does the switchboard have evidence of a current RCD test? (Tag or Sticker)

  • Please provide images of x 5 failures

  • Did you take a photo to show the RCDs clearly?

  • Does the Switchboard need a thermal scan - no dated test present?

Building Composition

  • Is the building height greater than 18 meters

  • Is there presence of any metal cladding

  • is there presence of any wood cladding

  • Is there presence of render

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