Risk Management MSS 14

  • Have project health and safety risks been properly assessed and communicated? (brief review at least one of the high level documents e.g. project Plan, Risk Control Schedule, T M plan and record on inspection form)

  • Have Method Statements and Task Control Sheets been completed and communicated to the workforce and are control measures being adhered to? (Review at least two method statement/ task control sheets and record on inspection form)

  • Are permits in place for relevant works e.g. permit to Penetrate, Hot Works, Confined Space, Permit to Access? ( Review at least one permit and record on form)

  • Is there an "Electrical Safe System of Work" in place for all work on conductors which have the potential to be live e.g. Work on open distribution panels or in sub stations?

Accidents or significant Close Calls

  • If there have been any accidents or significant close calls this week have they been carefully investigated to reveal the "root cause"?

  • If accidents or significant close calls have occurred has a report been sent to the Health Safety & Environmental Protection Department?

Fire Management MSS 8

  • Have fire risks been properly assessed and communicated? (Fire Control Schedule / Plan should be reviewed)

  • Are all fire extinguishers and fire call points and alarms in place as per the fire plan and tested?

  • Is the site free of fire risk from inadequately controlled sources of ignition, such as overloaded or damaged cables, poorly positioned generator exhausts?

  • Are escape routes, fire escape signage, fire procedure notices and muster points adequate?

  • Are gas bottles stored in a well ventilated area and secured or upright in a gas cage?

  • Other than bottles in a welding trolley ready for use, is all oxygen stored at least 3m away from acetylene and propane/butane bottles?

Work at Height MSS 4

  • Are there arrangements in place to stop persons falling from any place from which a fall could lead to injury?

  • Generally, are you satisfied that unauthorised persons are not erecting, altering or dismantling scaffolds and falsework?

  • Are scaffolds being erected as per SG4 2010?

  • Are scaffold contractors completing the statutory inspection sheet and scaff tags?

  • Is the competence of operatives working at height adequate? (Random sample should be periodically checked)

  • Are suitable controls such as brick guards and or exclusion zones in place to protect personnel from falling objects?

  • Are all voids in the platforms harried off or suitably covered and signed to indicate void below?

  • Are ladders authorised for use by VINCI, tagged and installed and being used correctly?

  • Generally are you satisfied that unauthorised persons are not erecting, altering or dismantling excavation support structures?

  • Are excavations suitably battered or supported by a preparatory system?

Lifting Operations MSS 5

  • Does the site lifting plan cover every machine carrying out a lifting operation on the site? (Including forklifts and excavators)

  • Are all lifting operations being carried out safely and interfaces managed?

  • Are cranes/pumps/HIABs set up level with all their outriggers out, on suitably sized mats?

  • Have lifting accessories been tested, inspected and tagged? ( Sample of lifting accessories should be checked against the site register)

  • Is all slinging and controlling of loads being undertaken by an appointed Slinger Signaller?

Office / Welfare

  • Are the office facilities clean and tidy?

  • Are the welfare facilities clean and tidy?

  • Are there adequate facilities for changing, storing and drying clothes?

  • Are all washing facilities clean and supplied with soap, a means of drying hands and hot and cold water?

General Housekeeping / Pedestrian Access and Egress

  • Are work areas tidy and free of litter and excessive waste material, with materials stacked and protected appropriately?

  • Are main access routes around site adequate, clear of obstructions, demarcated where practicable and minimum width of 1.35m?

  • Are points of access to scaffold, stairs, ladders, excavations and other safety critical areas adequate and clear of obstructions?

  • Are all hoardings and fences in good condition and secure?

  • Are stripped timbers being de-nailed?

Plant / tools / Traffic Management

  • Do all plant operators and drivers hold a current CPCS card for the plant they are operating and are they operating it competently? (Sample to be checked)

  • Is the construction plant in good condition without signs of defects, such as oil leaks, weld cracks, incorrect bucket pin retaining clips, noisy/smokey exhausts, obvious steering and braking defects?

  • Does all equipment being used appear to be appropriate to the task and in good working order?

  • Have weekly and daily checks been carried out on plant? (Sample to be checked)

  • Are cherry picker operators wearing safety harnesses clipped using a work restraint lanyard to a suitable attachment point?

  • Are arrangements in place to control vehicle movements, particularly reversing and the segregation of pedestrians?

  • Is an up to date plan showing vehicle and pedestrian routes in place and displayed?

  • Are there adequate traffic barriers / cones / signs and are they clean and in good condition?


  • Is everyone on site wearing a safety helmet, high visibility waist coat / coat /trousers, safety footwear, safety glasses and cut 3 gloves?

  • Is everyone wearing reasonably well maintained and suitably branded PPE?

  • Is the PPE appropriate to the risk e.g. High impact goggles used with disk cutter, Wellington boots with concrete?

  • Is PPE associated with COSHH risk assessments being worn?

Occupational Health

  • Have appropriate measures been taken to minimise dusts and vapours e.g. Damping down or additional ventilation / respiratory protective equipment in enclosed spaces?

  • Are all persons using hand held power tools aware of the trigger time?

  • Are all noise hazards suitably defined and signs posted?

  • Is manual handling been minimised and undertaken correctly?

  • Are substances being used safely in accordance with their risk assessment?


  • Are waste skips and containers signed, accessible and not overfilled and recyclables separated?

  • Are fuel and other substances stored in secure areas away from watercourses and site drainage?

  • Are measures in place to protect water courses being polluted by site activities and site run off? (Check main site discharge point)

  • Is the concrete washout facility provided, maintained and accessible for use?

  • Are vehicle access / egress points and site roads sufficiently clear of mud and debris?

  • If there is a need for dust suppression is it in place and effective?

  • If protected wildlife species have been found on site are there precautions in place to protect them?

  • Is vegetation (trees, hedgerows, etc) protected against damage caused by site works?

Any other significant Risks

Good Practice

Sign Off

  • Name of person completing report

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