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  • Alexander Forbes

  • Aspen Grove

  • Avondale

  • Bridge Network

  • Crystal Park

  • Derek Taylor

  • Ecole Montrose

  • Ecole Parkside

  • Grande Prairie Christian

  • Hillside

  • Isabel Campbell

  • I.V. Macklin

  • Maude Clifford

  • Riverstone

  • Swanavon

  • Charles Spencer

  • Grande Prairie Composite

  • Central Office

  • Maintenance Shop

Date Completed: 2014-10-05

Completed by: Dave West - Safety Coordinator GPPSD

Section A - SLIP, TRIP & FALL

  • Are hallways, stairwells and classrooms free of obstructions to pedestrians?

  • Are storage room aisles free from debris and obstruction?

  • Are cords (phone/electrical) secured in aisles, work areas and conference rooms?

  • Are there any spills that require cleaning?

  • Are step ladders available for staff to use to reach and hang decoration?

  • Are step ladders in good condition?


  • Are materials in storage rooms and rooms stacked so that they cannot fall?

  • Are shelves and cabinets free of overload?


  • Is there insulation on electrical cords?

  • Are covers /cover plates in place?

  • Are equipment and lights free of loose connection?

  • Are appropriate plugs equipped with a grounding prongs?

  • Are electrical panels labeled and shut?

  • Are outlets free of overload?


  • Are trash containers metal/fire resistant?

  • Is waste disposed of properly?

  • Are flammable liquids in approved containers if present?

  • Is equipment shut off at the end of the shift/day?

  • Do employees know evacuation procedures?

  • Are illuminated exit signs visible from all aisles and large work areas?

  • Are all exit signs illuminated?

  • Do emergency stairwells doors shut properly?

  • Can emergency stairwells be reached from any location on the floor?

  • Are the aisles free of any confusing non-exits (I.e. Dead end hallway)? If not, are they marked to indicate what they are?

  • Are there fire hoses or ABC fire extinguishers near exits and in kitchens?

  • Is each fire extinguisher properly charged and tagged showing inspection within the last 12 months?

  • If there are personal space heaters, electric hot plates or coffee makers; are they clear of flammable or combustible material and from contact with people?


  • Has an emergency plan been established?

  • Are the proper First Aid supplies available? We First Aid kits fully stocked?

  • Is the appropriate number of First Aid trained individuals available? Current certification?

  • Do employees know where the first aid kits are located?

  • Do employees know who is first aid trained?

  • Do employees have access to summon advanced medical care?

  • Is there an eye wash station available?


  • Is the office void of abrasion hazards such as sharp edges or corners of furniture or wall mounted fixtures?

  • Are aisles free of blind corners?

  • Is adequate light available?

  • Are computer screens/consoles positioned properly (no glare)?

  • Are computer stations equipped with wrist rests?

  • Is the Health &Safety policy posted?

  • Are health & Safety records (inspections, hazard assessments, meeting minutes, training records) files appropriately?

  • Are injury /incident reports compiled and followed up on?

  • Are meeting rooms, conference rooms, and break rooms in good order?

  • Are there other concerns with the general working environment?


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