System 1 - Canopies, Ductwork & Risers


Number of canopies ?

Can canopy be cleaned to TR/19 standards ?

Can cooking equipment be pulled out for cleaning purposes ?

Where is the isolation switch (Main kitchen, Chefs room) ?

Kitchen Extract Isolation switch
Main kitchen canopy
Canopy void
Canopy spigot

System 1 - Ductowork & Risers


Access to header ductwork ?

Dimensions of Header ductwork ?

Are access doors on the header ductwork compliant with TR/19 ?

Are access doors installed fully accessible ?

Dimension changes in ductwork ?

Extract ductwork information (route, access to ductwork, access doors installed )

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Location of main extract riser ?

Size of riser ?

Access required ?

Method of cleaning

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System 1 -Fan & Access Issues


Type of fan ?

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Is there and isolation switch next to the fan

What is the transit route to the fan/discharge ?


Can the discharge section be fully cleaned to TR/19 standards ?


Are the attenuators fully accessible ?

Access Issues

Are there access issues ?

Information of access issues

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Recommendations for the access issues

Green, Red, Amber ?

Green - System can be fully cleaned to TR/19 industry standards

Amber - Small section of ductwork cannot be accessed

Red - System cannot be cleaned 5m from canopy

What is the rating of this site ?

Line Drawing of system
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