Staffing Overview

Driver Staffing Status (Not scored)

  • Is the location fully staffed? (All routes covered plus 10% spares)

  • Give an overview of the current shortage, including the total number of drivers needed to be fully staffed.

  • What recruiting efforts are currently in place?

  • What is the current status of recruiting and training, (ie. # applications, # in BTW, # in class, # pre training background checks)?

Personnel File Compliance

Drive 360 Review

  • In Drive360, select 5 random driver files, select the "MTO Required" tab for each driver and review the MTO documents. Flag documents not compliant. Enter the total number of documents flagged. (20 pts)

  • Have all documents for Drivers hired since the last review been approved at a level above the terminal (AMST Employee Approval Process)? (5 pts)

  • Are drivers that are active in Drive 360, but out on LOA or terminated, properly documented in the “Notes” section under the driver’s “Position Details” tab? (5 pts)

  • Are employees who transport passengers properly classified as CDL drivers? (5 pts)

  • Have ADP Employees been reclassified? (5 pts)

Accidents and Injuries

Vehicle Accidents, since last review

  • Is there a clear, documented process for responding to accidents (including dispatch, notification process, and response)? (5 pts)

  • Are all accidents entered into TES, including all required attachments? (5 pts)

  • Accidents reviewed and documents missing from the file.

  • Accident
  • Driver Name

  • Accident Date

  • Required documents missing in Webrisk (click "Select")

  • Are all accidents properly investigated and documented appropriately? (5 pts)

  • Is the accident reporting lag for the period being reviewed equal to or lower than 24 hours in TES? (Power-Bi) (5 pts)

Work Injuries, since last review

  • Are all injuries, regardless of severity, filed with WSIB? (5 pts)

  • Are all injuries listed in Webrisk populated with the required information including Lost Time days? (5 pts)

  • Are all injuries properly investigated and documented appropriately by a trained person? (5 pts)

  • Injuries reviewed and documents missing from the file.

  • Work Injury
  • Employee Name

  • Injury Date

  • Required documents missing in Webrisk (click "Select")

  • Are Health and Safety minutes maintained and posted during appropriate time frames? (5 pts)

Meetings & Evaluations (Employee Enhancement)

Safety In-Service Meetings, since last review

  • Are Safety In-service Meetings held (10 hours)? (5 pts)

  • Is there a calendar of scheduled in-service meeting topics for the year posted? (3 pts)

  • Is one hour dedicated to a relevant safety topic? (3 pts)

  • Is attendance required and documented? (3 pts)

  • Is there an agenda that includes date, start and end time, topic and presenter? (3 pts)

  • Is Operations Manager attendance documented? (3 pts)

Safety Committee Meetings, since last review

  • Are Safety Committee Meetings held quarterly? (5 pts)

  • Does documentation include an agenda and minutes? (3 pts)

  • Is the committee made up of management and at least 50% employee members representing applicable work groups, ie. drivers, mechanics, etc.? (3 pts)

  • Are accidents and injuries reviewed, recommendations made and action taken [by a qualified person]? (3 pts)

  • Are safety concerns reviewed, recommendations made and action taken? (3 pts)

  • Are quarterly facility inspections completed and concerns action taken? (3 pts)

Driver Evaluations - review up to 5 recent driver evaluations.

  • Are all evaluations completed by a certified Signing Authority? (3 pts)

  • Are all evaluations completed on the company" Operator Evaluation" form? (3 pts)

  • Are all evaluations comprehensive, covering all relevant skills? (3 pts)

  • Are opportunities to improve skills noted on all evaluations? (3 pts)

  • Is there documentation of corrective action for all areas needing improvement? (3 pts)

Regulatory Safety

Regulatory Safety and Company Programs

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training - Is there evidence of completion on file for all managers, supervisors and anyone handing out keys? (5 pts)

  • Safety Leadership Program - Is there evidence of completion on file for all managers, supervisors, trainers and staff? (5 pts)

  • Trainer Certification Program and PRIDE - Is there evidence of completion on file for all active Instructors and Trainers? (5 pts)

  • WHMIS Training Modules - Is there evidence WHIMIS training is current for all shop personnel (Part 1 and 2 Certification)? (5 pts)

  • Hours of Service - Is the location in compliance with HOS regulations? (5 pts)

  • Double Check Plan - Is there an approved written plan? (5 pts)

  • Double Check Log - Is there a log confirming compliance with the written plan (select NA if logs are not required)? (5 pts)

  • Emergency Action Plan - Is there a completed plan that is updated annually? (5 pts)

  • Is this a California location?

  • Is there a written CalOSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) in place and implemented?

Required Postings

Are the following postings visible in the facility?

  • Top Ten Safety Poster?

  • Mission, Values and Vision Poster?

  • Double check poster?

  • DVIR Chart?

  • Metal Accident and Injury Boards (current)?

  • WSIB required postings (1234 poster and Green Book)?

  • Facility Evacuation Plans?

  • Eye protection sign (shop entrance)?

  • Child Check Banner (all lot entrances)?

  • No Unsafe Behaviors (all lot exits)?

Facility Safety

Office Areas

  • Walking Surfaces

  • Clear from debris, clutter and liquids

  • Stairs

  • Free from objects and clutter

  • Railings available and secure

  • Treads well maintained

  • Aisles/Passageways

  • Free of objects and clutter

  • Lighting

  • Appropriate lighting in all areas

  • Wash Rooms (entire property)

  • Clean and sanitary

  • Floors dry and free of debris (caution signs used)

  • Safety

  • Fire extinguisher easily accessible, inspected (signed monthly)

  • First-Aid kit clearly marked, maintained (signed monthly)

  • Electrical outlets are free of clutter

  • Appropriate door mats and carpeting

  • Exits clearly marked

  • Additional hazards, comments and corrective actions:

Parking Areas

  • Walking Surfaces

  • Environmental causes (e.g. ice, snow, mud)

  • Uneven surfaces (potholes, change in elevation)

  • Lighting

  • Adequate lighting during early morning and evening hours

  • Fuel Pump Area

  • Fuel hose and nozzle in good repair

  • Fire extinguisher easily accessible and inspected

  • Proper signage (Emergency Shut Off Valve, No Smoking)

  • Spill kit maintained with directions clearly marked

  • Additional hazards, comments and corrective actions:

Maintenance Shop

  • Walking Surfaces

  • General housekeeping (debris, fluids, materials and tools, etc.)

  • Walking hazards are clearly communicated

  • Stairs

  • Free from objects and clutter

  • Railings available and secure

  • Treads well maintained

  • Aisles/Passageways

  • Free from objects and clutter

  • Pits

  • Open pits protected

  • Lighting

  • Appropriate lighting in all areas

  • Ladders

  • In good condition

  • Appropriate weight rating

  • Utilization of proper ladder type

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Proper eyewear protection worn

  • Hearing protection when needed

  • Gloves worn when handling sharp objects

  • Proper footwear worn

  • Protective clothing when handling hazardous materials

  • Hazard Communications

  • All Chemicals labeled and stored properly

  • SDS sheets are readily available for all chemicals

  • Fire Safety

  • Fire extinguishers mounted, inspected and unobstructed

  • Flammable liquids are in approved safety containers

  • Shop rags are being properly disposed

  • General Hazard Awareness

  • Machine guarding in place

  • Equipment well maintained (e.g. electrical cords, power tools, jacks, lifts, etc.)

  • Has the annual HVAC System inspection been completed?

  • Has the annual Jack inspection been completed?

  • Has the annual Overhead Door inspection been completed?

  • Eyewash station is maintained and unobstructed

  • Employees observed working safely (e.g. proper ergonomics, use of proper tools such as wheel chocks & tire)

  • Appropriately locking/tagging out equipment before servicing

  • Proper signage (Emergency Shut Off Valve, No Smoking, Exit signs, fire extinguisher)

  • Electrical

  • Electrical Switches and outlets have plate covers

  • Access to electrical panels unobstructed

  • Ventilation

  • Proper ventilation in garage for smoke, dust and fumes

  • Additional hazards, comments and corrective actions:

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

  • Inspect 5 random vehicles

  • Vehicle
  • Bus Number

  • Driver Compartment - Clean, orderly, free from unsecured items and no unauthorized postings

  • Camera - Is the on-board camera indicator light working properly (select NA if no camera installed)?

  • Emergency Equipment - Secure and meets standards

  • Lighting Systems – All lights working properly

  • Emergency Exits – Exits are in working order, are labeled properly and alarm work properly

  • Seat Condition and Securement – Seats are secure and in good condition

  • Child Check System – System is working properly to horn

  • Crossing Gate – Working properly

  • Tires and Wheels – Meet all standards

  • Brake System – Complete a brake check for leaks or other malfunction

  • DVIR – Completed properly, defects fixed and properly signed off

  • Other – Any other defects noted

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