• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Visit information

  • Dates of last 2 DM visits to store

  • Picture of staff at visit

  • Front of store picture (interior)

  • Back room picture

Sales Performance

  • Trending to goal in Activations

  • Trending to Goal in Upgrades

  • Trending to goal of $45 in accessory revenue per Unit sold

  • At or above 87% in CSAT

  • Trending to Goal of 82% for Ready Now

  • Trending to Goal of 60% Combined TEP

  • Trending to Goal of 50% in Buybacks

Sales Management

  • Store is opening and closing doors for all customers

  • Visually inspect that "the 4 To The Floor" is happening

  • Each Rep is utilizing the "Circle of Influence"

  • Evaluate Prospecting Activities (10 is highest- 1 is lowest)

  • IL Calendar is being maintained and local territory prospecting is occurring

  • 2 Day, 2 Week and 6 week callbacks being completed correctly

  • In depth review of E Systems Way - Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendars Completed and Posted

  • Roll Play and Coach - all employees and Store Manager

  • Location is holding at least 4 events per month

  • Review employee performance and clocked hours vs boxes report


  • Did employees complete the required on- going training in STAR

  • Staff completed the Sprint New Hire Training within 60 days/ STAR and SM Academy within 7 days

  • Were employees knowledgable on training content

  • Is the SM holding weekly team meetings to go over sales goals and E Systems Way

  • Dam to train staff on Monthly Focus Area


  • 3 pay periods of staff schedules posted and accurate in RQ4

  • Deposit log review and cash drawer audit

  • Confirm schedule meets peak days / hour requirements without overtime

  • SM daily checklist, open and close checklist updated daily and accurately

  • Is the site actively protecting customer and Sprint proprietary information? Following ID policies, actively shredding,securing documents/receipts, computer screens locked when not in use, password verification etc.

  • Recording upgrade eligibility dates, additional lines, and full customer info on all contacts

  • Based on no less than 20 reviewed contracts: we're current versions of contracts used with proper info, signatures and dates?

Store Appearance

  • Are employees in proper Sprint/E Systems dress code? Sprint shirts, name badges, black pants, black dress shoes, black belt and properly groomed.

  • Are required lives demo phones available for customer use: able to make a phone call, access the Internet, powered on and wiped clean of customer information.

  • Do the stores live demos match the active lines on the store's demo account?

  • Is all required collateral (required on the sales floor and e flyers) available for customers and have all outdated items been purged (front and back of store)

  • Are marketing materials and interior branding signs current (signs,banners and all POG)

  • Is the store setup to current Sprint required POG off of ISC

  • Did the store recommend Sprint and or represent the brand in a positive manner.

  • All lights working properly and not burnt out

  • Floors, windows and bathrooms are clean and presentable

  • Fixtures are dusted and are presentable

Inventory Management

  • Number of phones missing via DM Quarterly Count

  • Number of accessories missing

  • Total dollar amount of Phones and Accessory shrink

  • Did SM perform monthly count per required policy

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