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Pre Inspection

  • Address of the property

  • File Number

  • Will a invoice need to be raised

  • If invoice is required what type and amount


  • Is the spa covered by a child-resistant lockable lid?

  • Is there an appropriate warning sign, including details of resuscitation (CPR) techniques, in the immediate vicinity of the pool area which can be easily read from a distance of 3 meters.

OR The spa is enclosed by a pool fence and gate

  • is the pool fence at least 1200mm high all the way around measured from the outside of the pool?

  • Does a Boundary fence form part of the pool fence?

  • If yes for pools built before 1 September 2008 - It must be at lease 1200mm high
    for pools built after 1 September 2008 - it must be at least 1800mm high

  • Is the gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground no more than 100mm?

  • Are all vertical or near vertical rails on the fence less than 100mm apart

  • Are there no potential hand hold or foot holds within 900mm of the top of the pool fence in any direction?

  • Is there a 300mm clearance from the barrier inside the pool area

  • Is perforated or mesh fencing used? if yes are the holes 13mm or less?

  • Is the fence well maintained? eg no holes, broken rails or pailings

  • Does the gate self close and latch by itself from any position?

  • Is the gate latch secure and once closed can not be pulled open?

  • Does the gate open outwards away from the pool area?

  • Is the gap between the vertical barriers of the gate no less than 100mm

  • Is the gate latch the correct height above ground level?

  • 150mm above ground
    if located inside the gate 1200mm above ground level and at least 150mm below the top of the gate

  • Does a wall form part of the barrier? if yes there should not be an opening greater than 100mm

  • Are all windows totally covered by bars or mesh screen or are they only able to open a maximum of 100mm?

  • Is the height from the window sill of the lowest opening panel at least 1800mm from the floor?

  • Is the pool fence clear of any objects such as BBQ, trees, rocks, shrubs and deckchairs that could help a small child climb over the fence?


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