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  • Site conducted

  • Inspection Date

  • PM Work Order Number for this Inspection

  • Retain until date

  • Inspector Name

  • Title

  • Container(s) Inspected ID

  • Regulatory Facility Name and ID Number

  • Location
  • Inspection Guidance:
    • This checklist is intended as a model. Locally developed checklists are acceptable as long as they are substantially equivalent (as applicable).
    • This periodic Inspection is intended for monitoring the external condition and its containment structure. This visual inspection does not require a Certified Inspector. It shall be performed by an owner’s inspector who is familiar with the site and can identify changes and developing problems. Note the non-conformance and corresponding corrective action in the comment section.
    • Retain the completed checklists for at least 36 months.

  • Container
  • Area

Portable Container Containment/Storage Area

  • 1. Are all portable container(s) within designated storage area?

  • 2. Is the containment and storage area free of excess liquid, debris, cracks or fire hazards?

  • 3. Are drain valves closed and in good working condition?

  • 4. Are containment egress pathways clear and any gates/doors operable?


  • 5. Is the container free of leaks?<br>Note: If "No", identify container and describe leak.

  • 6. Is the container free of distortions, buckling, denting or bulging?

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