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  • Name

  • Site & Project Number

  • Date

  • Fleet No

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

T&DP ASSESSMENT (Take over operator)

  • All boxes should be checked by both parties (operators). Those not applicable should be endorsed NA
    Mounting specifics NOT compulsory for crane operation. Other items are compulsory

  • Crawler Crane

  • Lattice Mobile Crane

  • Superlift

  • Luffing Job

  • Assembly / Disassembly

Crane Specifics (Obligatory)

  • Operation manual read and understood

  • 3rd party inspection / certification verified

  • Log-book / Crane driver reports checked

  • Knowledge of operating functions in cabin

  • LMI Computer System understood

  • Crane book + Certificates verified

  • Override switch

  • Operation of emergency stop system / emergency operation

  • Understanding wind restrictions (as per manual)

  • Procedures for raising and lowering (current) boom system

  • Procedures of in/decreasing ballast radius

  • Checklist crane assembly verified

  • Load charts available and understood

  • Fluid levels check / filler locations

  • Working of cylinders from ring checked

Operation Specifics (obligatory)

  • Ballast configurations understood

  • Hoisting with double hook block understood

  • Crawling with the crane understood

Operations Specifics (optional)

  • Operation with mainboom

  • Operation with mainboom + luffer

  • Operation with mainboom + superlift

  • Operation with mainboom + superlift + luffer

Mounting specifics, assembly / disassembly (optional)

  • Rigging equipment checked

  • Tracks, carrier, superstructure (dis)assembly

  • SL boom (dis)assembly (incl. all reevings) *

  • Main boom (dis)assembly (incl. all reevings)*

  • Luffer (dis)assembly (incl. all reevings) *

  • Runner (dis)assembly (incl. all reevings) *

  • Fixed (dis) assembly (incl. all reevings)

  • Remarks / Outstanding defects:

  • * Without the required T&DP assessments / Grandfather rights a Hand Over is not possible

  • ** Hand over operator certification may be through “Grandfather-rights” (Dispensation)

Take Over Operator

  • The Take Over Operator states that he/she understands the operation and/or (dis)assembly of the above machine

  • Name

  • Signature

Handing Over Operator

  • The Handing Over Operator**, in possession of a Certificate of Competence for the above machine, is confident that the Take Over Operator fully understands the operation of this machine.

  • Name

  • Signature


  • The Manager is satisfied that a sufficient and suitable handover has been completed and that the Take Over Operator has the experience and competence to operate the above machine.

  • Name

  • Signature

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