Notes for Site Visits conducted as required by Project HSSE Plan Team Leader is responsible for report generation and submission Site Host is given direct feedback of visit outcomes before visiting team leaves the site MFV Leader agrees "SMART" actions with site host Host holds responsibility to follow up on agreed actions. Visit reports are recorded on site visit template only (this record) All completed site visit reports to be sent to the Project HSSE Coordinator for filing in Livelink - clearly handwritten reports are acceptable for submission. Visit record not marked as completed (Green) until visit report is submitted. Next MFV team uses past reports for part of their visit, following up on completions of previous actions.

  • A Job Hazard Assessment is completed and controls identified when carrying out task specific Field Level Hazard Assessments.

  • Work in live plant is limited only to hot works that cannot be conducted in a safe, no-hot-work area.

  • Functional, calibrated portable atmospheric monitor is available at the work location to continuously monitor the level of oxygen and combustible gases.

  • A competent fire watch is assigned throughout the hot work activity.

  • Functional, calibrated personal or stationary atmospheric monitors are available to constantly monitor the level of combustible gases.

  • An authorised person (fire watch) periodically verifies and documents that the continuous air quality testing is being done before and during hot work.

  • A Hot Work Permit from an authorised person has been obtained before any welding, grinding or oxy-gas cutting is done in a classified area and around equipment that could contain flammable materials.

  • Persons who do atmosphere tests and the Fire Watch have received approved training in both areas and have unique identification (e.g. fluorescent vest) to indicate their presence.

  • Fire protection and spark containment for hot work (every activity point/vicinity) is in place.

  • Competencies of employees required to carry out hot works have been verified.

  • Adequate grounding to welding sets is provided. Cables and hoses are inspected daily by users and are not damaged.

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