0 = Standard Not Met

1 = Standard Met

Scoring Criteria:

The audit score ratings must be populated by Graceland Nursing Home. These must be based on the local risks associated with this audit theme

An Action Plan to be completed for any section scoring 0

Audit Area

Personal Planing

The Service User was involved in the completion of the Personal Plan

There is evidence of consent from the Service User in relation to their care requirements

Where the Service User has been unable to participate, a decision has been made in line with the Adults with Incapacity Act and advocates/representatives have consented

The overall Personal Plan meets the current needs of the Service User

The Personal Plan has been fully completed

Robust individual Personal Plans are in place, that clearly highlight the requirements of the Service User

Robust individual risk assessments are in place, that clearly highlight the requirements of the Service User

Goals have been set for the Service User as part of the Personal Planning process

The goals are achievable and in line with the care requirements of the Service User

Supporting communication logs and MARs, where applicable, are in evidence with the Personal Plan

The Personal Plan is in date and has been reviewed regularly in line with policy requirements

Staff who have carried out the review are trained to complete this task

Staff receive regular update training in Personal Planning

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Action Plan

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