• Department

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by(staff members name)

  • Location
  • Other Personnel involved during inspection


  • WHS notice board up to date with the latest information?

  • WHS action plan updated for the current month?

  • Are Staff meeting and WHS Committee meeting minutes displayed?

  • Previous actions closed?


  • Access and egress paths are clear?

  • Standard fire exit signs clearly visible, in working order and undamaged?

  • Firefighting equipment easily accessible?

  • Electrical equipment tagged, tested and within date (check 3 pieces of equipment)

  • Electrical equipment and its components free of damage? (Leads, plugs etc.)

  • Temperature in laundry comfortable?

  • Dryer filter clean?

  • Washer filter clean?

  • Surrounding area under around , or on top of the washer and dryer clean and free of lint and or soilage?

  • Is a Cleaning schedule for equipment displayed and or up to date.

  • Are trolleys (clean or dirty linen) filled to a safe level and not over filled or blocking vision when being transported?

  • Is clean linen separated from soiled linen and covered to comply with infection control standards?

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Chemical room kept locked and only authorised persons allowed to enter?

  • Safety signage posted inside and outside chemical room?

  • Chemical resistant PPE available and accessible in chemical room?

  • Are chemicals decanted through a Dispensing system and is the unit clean, free of residue with clearly identifiable labels or signage?

  • Do staff members know where and how to access Material Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals being used?

  • Are all chemicals labelled correctly with warning signs and hazard classification?

  • Do staff know what to do in the event of a Chemical Spill and are Spill kits available? (ask random laundry staff)

  • Are chemicals correctly and safely bunded to meet Australian chemical standards within a laundry?

  • Eye wash fountain working properly?

  • Do staff know how to access ChemAlert?

Dirty Laundry Area

  • Laundry separated and bagged correctly i.e. no cytotoxic contaminated waste or laundry

  • Are staff wearing the correct PPE when sorting or handling soiled linen and is it easily accessible to comply with infection prevention standards?

  • Correct procedure followed when sorting the dirty laundry?

  • Additional Comments

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