• The purpose of this SOP is to outline housekeeping services and to ensure that workstations are free of debris and clutter. This is vital to maintaining a safe work environment and to prevent any minor or major incidents from occurring.


  • This standard operating procedure is intended to guide facility management staff in covering the following office housekeeping duties:
    - Overhead lighting cleaning
    - Venetian blinds cleaning
    - General office housekeeping

Procedures for Overhead Lighting Cleaning

  • Tools & Materials Needed:

    1. Step ladder
    2. Glass cleaner
    3. Clean cloths
    4. Gloves and goggles
    5. Vacuum cleaner

  • Position the step ladder under the light fixture to be cleaned. Be sure the step ladder is sturdy and in proper repair.

  • If the light fixture has the egg crate type diffusers, unhook them and set aside. If the diffusers are clear plastic, unhook the panel and bring down to one side.

  • With the pack vacuum, vacuum the interior surface of the light fixture. Put on gloves and goggles

  • CAUTION: Avoid the excessive use of glass cleaner or water.

  • Using the glass cleaner and a soft, clean cloth, damp dust the interior of the light fixture and the inside and outside of the plastic diffuser. Dry all surfaces with a soft, clean cloth.

  • Relock the plastic diffuser into position, or replace the egg crate diffuser after it has been cleaned.

Procedures for Venetian Blinds Cleaning

  • Tools & Materials Needed:
    - Clean cloths,
    - Vacuum cleaner,
    - Soft bristle brush,
    - Two clean buckets
    - Gloves and goggles

  • Remove dust and dirt from vanes of Venetian blinds where bacteria can multiply.

  • Adjust the blind to expose the flat surface.

  • Vacuum entire exposed surface from top to bottom using a left to right motion as you clean.

  • Reverse the flat surface of the blinds and repeat the procedure.

  • Return the Venetian blinds to the original position.

  • Put on gloves and goggles.

  • Using a clean cloth and cleaner disinfectant in a bucket, clean the blinds from top to bottom, working in a left to right motion as you clean.

  • Rinse cloth frequently in clear water.

  • Dry the surface of the blind with another clean cloth.

  • Reverse blinds and repeat procedure.

General Office Cleaning

  • Tools & Materials Needed:
    - Clean cloths
    - Trigger sprayer
    - Dust mop
    - Wet mop
    - Two buckets with wringers or pump up sprayer and one bucket
    - Vacuum cleaner
    - Liners

  • Put on gloves and goggles.

  • Dust furniture with a clean cloth treated with dust mop/dust cloth treatment polish as needed

  • Damp disinfect telephone, door knobs, and file cabinets

  • Spot clean windows and sills with a glass cleaner.

  • Empty ashtrays

  • Empty wastebasket and replace the liner.

  • Dust mop, then damp mop floor or vacuum if carpeted


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